Armonia 「アルモニア」- new series

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The original Armonia アルモニア was published in Japan by Chuzaemon Sawaguchi 澤口忠左衛門 from 1927 to 1941 (see my post dedicated to this journal). Isao Takahashi 高橋功 began publishing under this same Armonia name from January 1954 and continued until the last issue in November 1959.

I only own a few issues of this journal. Many of the rest are in the Bickford Collection, sent to Vahdah Bickford by Isao Takahashi. I will add full scans of these when I am able to obtain them.

Some letters written by Takahashi to Bickford have been made available at the Oviatt Library website.

Nakano, IGRA111954/1-2
Nakano, IGRA121954/3-4
Nakano, IGRA131954/5-6
Nakano, IGRA141954/7-8
Nakano, IGRA151954/9-10
Nakano, IGRA161954/11-12
Nakano, DGA, IGRA211955/1-2
Nakano, DGA, IGRA221955/3-4
Nakano, DGA, IGRA231955/5-6
Nakano, DGA, IGRA241955/7-8
Nakano, IGRA251955/9-10
Nakano, IGRA261955/11-12
Nakano, IGRA311956/1-2
Nakano, DGA, IGRA321956/3-4
Nakano, DGA, IGRA331956/5-6
Nakano, IGRA341956/7-8
Nakano, IGRA351956/9-10
Nakano, DGA361956/11-12
Nakano, IGRA421957/3-4
Nakano, IGRA441957/7-8
Nakano, IGRA451957/9-10
Nakano, IGRA511958/1-2
Nakano, IGRA521958/3-4
Nakano, IGRA531958/5-6
Nakano, IGRA541958/7-8
Nakano, IGRA561958/11-12
Nakano, IGRA611959/1-2
Nakano, IGRA621959/3-4
Nakano, IGRA631959/5-6
Nakano, IGRA641959/7-8
Nakano, IGRA651959/9-10
Nakano, IGRA661959/11-12
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