Emilia Giuliani

The Emilia Giuliani book is finally done! She was the daughter of Mauro Giuliani. Very little information about her has been available and only a few of her compositions have had much attention since their original publication in the 1830-40’s. In the 200th anniversary year of her birth I’m proud to release this book with tremendous work and support from Nicoletta Confalone and Thomas Heck.

I first acquired her compositions from the Nakano Collection at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan starting in 1995 and since then have wanted to make them more widely available. The compositions in my book were re-engraved from first editions in the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice.

The digital edition is available now and the print edition is available for pre-order and will ship in January, 2014.

Felix Horetzky works

The works list below represents my latest work on the works of Felix Horetzky (Feliks Horecki) (1796-1870). Horetzky republished the same composition with multiple publishers often tracing his movements from Vienna to Paris and then on to London. I have denoted these publications with letters after the opus numbers.

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Nakano Collection

Doshisha University compiled two catalogs of the Nakano Collection – one for guitar and one for mandolin. Both catalogs are available for order directly from the university. The Nakano Collection contains approximately 12,000 individual items with about 6100 in the guitar section. Doshisha has photocopied the nearly the entire collection and bound it into a series of very large volumes. As long as you can get into the library it is very easy to access the collection by requesting certain volumes.
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Takei Collection

This is an incomplete list of compositions in the Morishige Takei collection at the Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo, Japan. It was compiled by Jun Sugawara, of HOMAdream. The Takei collection is not publicly accessibly to my knowledge, nor has it been fully catalogued. After Takei’s death it was in the custody of at least one other person during which time portions may have been mixed with other collections. Takei also had a large amount of mandolin music in his possession. I doubt that this list represents the total of his guitar collection. One thing to remember though is that Takei lost nearly all of his collection due to fires caused by the great Kanto earthquake in 1923, though his rebuilt collection mostly survived other fires caused by air raids on Tokyo during World War II.
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Hudleston Collection

I am proud to announce that the Hudleston Collection from the Royal Irish Academy of Music  is now available in the Archive Search. This brings the total number of digital files linked from the database to 6248 and the pages represented in thumbnail format to 49,428.

The Hudleston Collection in the  Academy’s online catalog can also be searched quite easily from a filter tab at the top of the online catalog page titled “Hudleston Collection.”

I would like to thank Philip Shields, librarian at the Academy library, for all his help over the years related to my various book and research projects, and especially for supporting my recent endeavors to expose guitar music of the 19th century to more musicians through the Archive Search project.

Luigi Ricca collection

The Luigi Ricca collection has been added to the Archive Search. While the Ricca collection itself has quite a bit of music, only the guitar related works have been added to the archive. While the guitar music was digitized it was distributed on DVD and is not available on the web to my knowledge. The preview images and data were given to me by my friend and colleague Marco Bazzotti.

Use this link as a shortcut to view all the new items from the Ricca collection.

Giulianiad contents

The Giulianiad was published in London most likely in the years 1833-1835. Its editor was not listed in any of the journals but it is fairly well accepted that Ferdinand Pelzer was very involved in the work. There are only two known locations of complete issues of the journal: The British Library and the Appleby Collection at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. There are a number of individual issues in other collections and libraries.

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