Paris, Lacote School, imported by Metzler & Marcus Moses

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I am selling my 19th century French-made guitar.

Metzler & Marcus Moses were the noted importer of Lacote’s guitars. It comes with an original coffin case (broken and no attempts have been made to repair it) with an extra Moses label. Great sound and good playing instrument.

It was purchased in September 2008 from England. There are some old repairs to splits in the sides and there were newer splits repaired in 2009. The sides are perhaps rosewood, but not veneered so are prone to splitting. All repairs to the sides are very solid. The back is rosewood veneer over spruce. The long split was there when it was purchased and had old repairs, but is solid as it hasn’t changed since 2008. The soundboard is in perfect condition. Everything appears to be original.


  • String length: 620mm
  • Fretboard width at the nut: 44mm
  • Fretboard width at the 12th fret: 55mm
  • Upper bout width: 233mm
  • Waist: 160mm
  • Lower bout: 295mm
  • Depth at upper bout: 75mm
  • Depth at lower bout: 80mm

For sale. Located in Dallas, Texas. Contact me for price and details.

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