Guitar News

Published by Robert Coldwell on

Guitar News was published from June-July 1951 to January-March 1973 by Wilfrid Appleby in Cheltenham, England.

The issues started with the subtitle “The Official Organ of the Classic Guitar Association,” changed to “The Official Organ of the Classic Guitar Association (International)” in October-November 1952 and then to “The Official Organ of the International Classic Guitar Association” in June-July 1953.

Published dates: 1951-1973

Total number of issues: 119


  • Private collection of Robert Coldwell (DGA)
  • Former private collection of Matanya Ophee, now in collection of Robert Coldwell
  • Private collection of Luis Briso de Montiano
  • International Guitar Research Archives (IGRA), Bickford Collection
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FILEIGRA, Ophee11951/6-7Ourselves – and the Guitar
Why 'Classic'?
Contemporary Guitarists (1) – Charalambos Ekmetzoglu
'Song with Guitar' Recital
Radio – British Broadcasting
Members' Announcements
"Concierto de Aranjuez"
International News
Guitar Music
FILEIGRA, Ophee21951/8-9Contemporary Guitarists (2) – Karl Scheit
Desert Adventure
Radio – British Broadcasting
Segovia Coming to Britain
"Guitar Review"
Members' Announcements
Guitarists Meet in Paris
International News
Guitar Music
FILEIGRA, Ophee31951/10-11British-made Guitars
On the Origin of the Guitar
Segovia's British Visit
Julian Bream
How to Study ...Alexander Bellow
Contemporary Guitarists (3) – Jose Luis Gonzalez
Haydn Guitar Quartet
Members' Announcements
International News
Guitar Methods
FILEIGRA, Ophee41951/12-1952/1Francisco Tarrega
Italian Guitar-Maker
Segovia in Britain
London Recitals
Victoria Kingsley
Guitar Songs and Gramophone
Radio – British Broadcasting
Congress of Guitarists
The Segovia Course
Members' Announcements
Donations – and Music
Hints on Tremolo Playing
International News
Publishers of Guitar Music
FILEIGRA, Ophee51952/2-3Good News from Germany
Contemporary Guitarist (No. 4)
Tarrega Day Celebrations
Artistic Guitar Playing ...Albert Valdes-Blain, Jr.
"Silent Night, Holy Night"
"Music of the Spheres"
Maria Luisa Anido
Victoria Kingsley
International Congress
Flute and Guitar
Festival Salute
Poet and Guitar
The Guitar
International Compoetition Results
Guitar Method
International News
Guitar Music
FILEIGRA, Ophee61952/4-5Segovia Course at Siena, 1952
Contemporary Guitarist (No. 5)
Tudor Songs with the Guitar
Beginners' Forum
Guitar School in Cremona ...Lolita Sabicas Tagore
A Lecture in Lebanon
London Recitals
Members' Announcements
Ida Presti in England
Lecture-Recitals at Public Schools
Anglo-Spanish League of Friendship
World Tour
Julian Bream
Guitar Songs
International News
FILEIGRA, Ophee71952/6-7Musical Form ...Albert V. Blain
Contemporary Guitarist (No. 6)
Song and Guitar ...Luis Sanchez Granada
Beginners' Forum
Members' Announcements
Luise Walker–and son
Guitar Review–No.13
Radio British Broadcasting
International News
Jose Luis Gonzalez
FILEIGRA, Ophee81952/8-9Argentina Organises Guitar Recitals
The Guitar in Egypt
Tarrega Centenary
Proposed Tarrega Postage Stamp
Siena Prize Compositions
The Art of Phrasing ...Albert Valdes Blain
Buying One is Easier! ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Contemporary Guitarist (No. 7)
Variations...On a Theme ...Vrouyr Mazmanian
Anton Diabelli and his music ...Vahdah Olcott Bickford
Beginners' Forum
Members' Announcements
Guitar Music
Victoria Kingsley
Segovia in Spain
International News
Guernsey Eisteddfod (November, 1952)
FILEIGRA, Ophee91952/10-11Tarrega Centenary Number
Homage ...Regino Sainz de la Maza
Tarrega as Teacher ...Emilio Pujol
Rhythmical Playing and General Interpretation ...Albert Valdes Blain
Segovia in Britain
Segovia's Cheltenham Recital
A Tarrega Story ...Emilio Pujol
Diabelli's Music for the Guitar
International News
Guitar Music
Beginners' Forum
Right-Hand Technique
Music and Donations
Singing with Guitar in Britain
Victoria Kingsley
Members' Announcements
Senora Enriqueta Guerrero
FILEIGRA, Ophee101952/12-1953/1A Happy New Year To All Guitarists
Julian Bream explains the Guitar
Jose de Azpiazu in England
Matteo Carcassi and his works ...Vahdah Olcott Bickford
A Visit to Manuel de la Chica–Guitar Maker ...Fernand F. Lavie
Contemporary Guitarists (Nos. 8 and 9) Jorge Martinez Zarate and Graciela E. Pomponio ...Eros de Roes
Sight Reading and Memorizing ...Alexander Bellow
Meetings in Cheltenham, England
Radio in Britain
The Segovia Course at Siena
V.K. in N.Z.
"Guitar Review"
Guitar Methods and Daily Exercises ...Albert Valdes Blain
Members' Announcements
In Mozambique
22 Ladies Salute C.G.A.
Folk Songs and Guitar
The American Guitar Society
Guitar Trio on Tour
Guitar Concerts in Portugal
Guitar Recitals in Japan
Recitals in Brazil
Broadcast from Azores
Guitar Music
FILEIGRA111953/2-3The Child and the Guitar
John Christopher Williams–Child Prodigy ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Francisco Tarrega Centenary Homage in Spain
In Other Lands
Guitar Music
Alexander Tansman
Segovia at Cheltenham
Guitarist-Musicianship ...Joan Prior
Regino Sainz de la Maza
International News
Olga Coelho
Portrait of Segovia
Those Broken Nails!
Blue Ribbon
Members' Announcements
The Guitar in Spain ...Jane Rutherford Maitland, A.R.M.C.M.
FILEIGRA121953/4-5What will you find? ...Jose Navas
Guitar Building by Amateurs ...H. R. Kenworthy
Echoes of Sor ...Ricardo Munoz
Contemporary Guitarist (No. 10) ...Juan Perrin
Left Hand Technique on the Guitar ...Albert Valdes Blain
Victoria Kingsley
New Guitar Societies
Members' Announcements
Around the World
Natalie Bellow
Guitar Music
Radio in Britain
Guitar Stolen
"Guitar Review"
Guitar in the Orchestra
Segovia Course at Siena
FILEIGRA, Ophee131953/6-7Contemporary Guitarist (No. 11) ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Daniel Fortea (1878-1953)
The Guitarists of Lerida
Members' Announcements
Book Review ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Around the World
Dionisio Aguado ...Jane Rutherford Maitland
About I.C.G.A.
How YOU can help I.C.G.A.
The word "GUITAR"
FILEIGRA, Ophee141953/8-9Three Tributes to Daniel Fortea
Daniel Fortea ...Emilio Pujol
On the Death of Daniel Fortea ...José Maria Castell
Memories of Daniel Fortea ...Robert Blackett
The Guitar in Brazil ...Ronoel Simoes
The Guitar at the Haunted Manor
Guitar Music
"Guitar Review"
The Guitar at Madrid Conservatoire
Around the Guitar World
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee151953/10-11Andres Segovia–A Complete Recovery
The Guitar Course at Siena
A Study in Logic
Fashion Notes from Paris
Contemporary Guitarist (No. 12) ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Concert Artists, Not Strummers ...Ronald Simpson
Guitar Music
Around the Guitar World
Trio in Provincetown ...Guy Simeone
The Clarence C. Easley Transcriptions
Diabelli's Guitar Music
Hubert Foss
"Guitar Review" No. 15
Members' Announcements
Music and Arrangers ...George J. Heilbron
A Boy Guitarist in Buenos Aires
FILEIGRA, Ophee161953/12-1954/1Napoleon's Guitars
Preface to 'Twelve Studies by Villa-Lobos' ...Andres Segovia
JOSE YACOPI Contemporary Guitar Maker ...J. Heidrich
At the Chigiana Academy
John Christopher Williams
The Guitar in Bohemia ...Stepan Urban
Daniel Fortea's Guitars
John Runge–Tenor with Guitar
Guitar–Song Recital at Local Circle
Vive La Guitare Classique!
Victoria Kingsley
Technical Exposé Relating to the Manufacture of "Savarez" Nylon Guitar Strings ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Japanese Music for Guitar
Elton Hayes and "Um-Cha"
London Recital in December
Recital Under Difficulty
Guitar in Monteverdi Opera
Recital in Spain
Harmony for the Guitar
Members' Announcements
The Julio Korn Albums
Brazilian Activities
Maria Luisa Anido in Italy
Segovia at Birmingham Town Hall
Some Origins of the Guitar ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
"Guitar News"
FILEIGRA, Ophee171954/2-3Some Origins of the Guitar, Part II ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
News from Paris
The Winner
Guitar Activity in U.S.A.
Ferdinand Rebay 11th June, 1880 – 6th November, 1953
Recital in Japan
Japanese Guitar Magazine
Character and Art
Guitar Methods and Instruction books
Guitar Music
Recitals in Britain
Trying to Help
Presenting the Guitar
Just 'In Case'
Tarrega Commemoration
International Competition for Guitar Music
Guitar Contest in the Channel Isles
Congress of Guitarists in Italy
The Guitar in Spain
German Guitarists' Bulletin
Finland and Neighbouring Lands
A Handbook of the Guitar
Broadcasts from the Azores
British Radio and Television
"The Heritage of Spain" Broadcasts
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee181954/4-5The Guitar and Quarter-tone Music ...Stepan Urban
Brazilian Guitar Activities
In Spain and Portugal
The Guitar in Argentina
Interview in Lerida (Spain), A Few Minutes with Jose Maria Sierra ...Castrillon
Six Vibrating Strings ...J. K. Sutcliffe
The Society of the Classic Guitar
On Combining Flute and Guitar ...Ralph Freundlich
Segovia Concert Tour
Concerts in Greece
"Guitar Review"
The Guitar in Italy
The Guitar Needs no Accompaniment!
Guitar Music
Famous Guitarists in Austria
British Radio
The Guitar in Japan ...S. Ogura
One String Less, Please!
An Interesting Miniature Guitar ...Clifford A. Hoing
Philippine Folk Song Concert
"Bullfight" in New York
Members' Announcements
Former Issues of "Guitar News"
"The Stage" and "Guitar News"
FILEIGRA, Ophee191954/6-7The Guitar as an Accompaniment to Song ...John Runge
John Runge at Weymouth
Guitar Concerts in Lebanon
Twenty Miles from New York
Twins Arrive
The Guitar Recognised in Britain
Impressions of Siena 1953 ...John Williams
The Chigiana Academy Guitar Course
Spanish Guitar Centre in Bristol
Guitar Evening in Cheltenham
Vihuela Made in Boston
Pupils' Meeting
Two Recitals in One Week
Guitar Concerts in New York
Harald Petersen, Guitar Maker ...John C. Braithwaite, A.H–W.C., B.Sc.
Recital–and a Film
Six Vibrating Strings, Chapter II ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Guitar Concert in Finland
Guitar Music
Concert of Japanese Music
Japanese Guitar Magazine
A Book of Italian Guitarists
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Members' Announcements
Madame Pratten's Favourite Story
FILEIGRA, Ophee201954/8-9Lolita Tagore (Contemporary Guitarist No. 14) ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Famous Horsewoman and the Guitar
Segovia's Next British Visit
Miguel Abloniz
A Beginner Buys His First Guitar ...Peter David
Jorge Ryss in Spain
Guitar Review No. 16
The Guitarist's Programme ...Albert Valdes Blain
Guitar Concets in Brazil
Anido in Japan
Argentine Season Opens
Guitarist Entertains London Crowds
Erik Bergman's "Rubaiyat"
A Short Interview with Francisco Gonzalez Sanchez
International Competition Results
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Six Vibrating Strings, Chapter III ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Canadian Classic Guitar Society
Segovia in Holland
New Books on the Guitar
Guitar Music
The New Guitar Chart
Complete Suite ...R. de Visée
News from Austria
Guitarist from Haiti
The Guitar at Famous School
The Guitar in Scotland
International Classic Guitar Association (I.C.G.A.)
Members' Announcements
Alirio Diaz Heard in Britain
A Concert at Nancy
FILEIGRA, Ophee211954/10-11How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar ...Miguel Abloniz
Emilio Pujol, A World-famous Leridan ...Alfonso Porta
Luise Walker Gramophone Records
Torture by Tuning ...Peter David
Guitarists in Holland
Andre Verdier
News from Paris
The Guitar at Algiers Conservatoire
Six Vibrating Strings ...J. K. Sutcliffe
New Books of Exercises
Guitar Arrangements of Handel's Music
New Guitar Music from Schotts
Japanese Guitar Recital
Guitar Concert in Beyrouth
Concerts in Greece
Held Over–
Guitar Circle in Brittany
"She Wants Nylon Strings!"
Concerts in New England, U.S.A.
Personally Speaking–
A Bibliography of the Guitar ...Theodorus M. Hofmeester Jr.
Members' Announcements
Czechoslovakian Guitar-maker
S.O.S.–"G.N." No. 3
FILEIGRA, Ophee221954/12-1955/1Front Cover Picture (A Guitarist whose art inspires the poets, Emilia Corral)
The Art of Emilia Corral ...Juan Riera
Segovia in Paris
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part II ...Miguel Abloniz
French Radio Guitar Series
Interview with Edgar Monch ...Michail Ignátieff
Guitar Concerts in Argentina
The Guitar in Scotland
Tarrega Day December 15th, 1954
Japanese Guitar Magazine
Guitar Review
Broadcast from Holland
William Clauson in London
Know Twiddlers: A Remedy ...Peter David
Jose Duarte Costa (Contemporary Guitarist No. 15)
New Music from Argentina
An Article about "Guitar News"
Spanish News
Guitar Activities in Great Britain
John Dowland's Galliards
News from Austria
"Guitar News"
The Guitar is Taught...
The Music of Romain Worschech
Lolita Tagore at Venice
Broadcast from Helsinki, Finland
Members' Announcements
Julian Bream
"I Did Not Receive –"
Flamenco in Paris
Broadcast from Sweden
"L'Arte Chitarristica"
The Guitar in Norway
FILEIGRA231955/2-3Front Cover Picture (A Guitar Lesson in Scotland)
Ferdinand Sor ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
The Tomb of Ferdinand Sor ...Juan Riera
Coming to England
Guitar Making
Edinburgh Festival, 1955
The Siena Course 1955
A Guitar for Julian Bream ...H. W. Quine
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part III ...Miguel Abloniz
A Visit to Brazil ...Victoria Kingsley
"The Guitar Outside Spain"
Saved by Her Guitar
The Music of Purcell
Theodorus M. Hofmeester
News from Greece
Erik Bergman's Suite Pour Guitare, Op. 32
H. Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5
Guitar Talk ...Peter David
Narcisco Yepes
Strings/Fingerboards. Which are the Most False? ...Miguel Abloniz
Guitar Society in Toronto, Canada
Svea Hammarberg-Kritschewsky
Arrangements by Karl Scheit
"Guitar Review"
"Guitar News"
News from U.S.A.
News from Australia
Music for 'The Captive'
Glasgow Guitarists
An Acknowledgement
Members' Announcements
Bristol and Cheltenham Meet
Guitar Society in Arizona
FILEIGRA, LBM241955/4-5Front Cover Picture (Andres Segovia)
Andres Segovia ...J. A. Burtnieks
Andres Segovia
Mass–with Guitar
The "Revista" of Rosario
Beats Can Help in Tuning ...A. H. Pettinger
Two Guitars ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Pictorial Enclosure
Guitar in "Partita"
Anido on Tour
Broadcast from Sweden
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part IV ...Miguel Abloniz
Recital in Philadelphia
Julian Bream Wins International Music Award
Guitar Recital in Gibraltar
The Popular Sport of ... Hunting the Guitar Recital ...Peter David
Cheltenham Meetings
Problems of Organizing a Classic Guitar Society in Arizona ...John C. Tanno, M.A.
Review ...J. K. Sutcliffe
"The Guitar Review" No. 17
Compositions by Alexander Bellow
Ida Presti in Paganini Duo
John Runge in Somerset and Germany
Calling Mr. Caldwell
Members' Announcements
Richard Pick at Cincinatti
Concert of the Siena Course, 1954
Venezuelan Guitarist
Glasgow Meetings
A Few Facts About I.C.G.A. and "Guitar News"
Victoria Kingsley
Spanish Music Published in Japan
Sor's Methods and Studies
News from Montreal
Prague Conservatory Concerts
FILEIGRA251955/6-7Front Cover Picture (Beneath the Statue of Tarrega. Manuel Cubedo, Daniel Fortea and Emilio Pujol)
Manuel Cubedo
Pujol Method. Part III
The Renaissance of the Real Guitar ...Fernando Fernandez Lavie
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part V ...Miguel Abloniz
In a Finnish Newspaper
For the Gramophone
Karl Scheit in London
Olga Coelho in Montreal
Bagging the Guitar Recital ...Arthur Skinner
Guitar Methods Since Tarrega ...J. A. Burtnieks
From Greek Newspapers
R. Sainz de la Maza
The Guitar in Norway ...Leif Gundhus
Concierto de Aranjuez
Julio Prol
John Roberts in "The Jackdaw"
The Guitar in Hungary Szendry-Karper Laszlo
Lolita Tagore
Andres Segovia
Guitar Solos at Cheltenham
The Guitar at Bristol University
More Guitar Talk ...Peter David
"The Guitar Review"
Narrow Escape
Jose Navas
The Classic Guitar Society of Glasgow
News from Spain
Paris in the Spring
Members' Announcements
Radio Ballad–with Guitar
FILEIGRA, Ophee261955/8-9Front Cover Picture (Guitarists in Lebanon. Miss Camille Abadie, Profesor Vrouyr Mazmanian and Mrs. Leyla Younes-Badaro)
Confessions ...Vrouyr Mazmanian
John Williams Recital
Listen to French Radio
J. A. Burtnieks
On Guitar Standards and Quality ...J. A. Burtnieks
Citterns, Guitars, Beards & Barbers ...Peter David
The Buenos Aires Season
The Sonority of the Guitar
The Editors Visit Paris
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part VI ...Miguel Abloniz
Review ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Reddite igitur quae sunt Caesaris, Caesari ...Miguel Abloniz
Spain and Portugal
Guitar Music
Spanish Festivals
Teaching the Guitar
Students' Concerts
Members' Announcements
The "Segovia" Book
FILEIGRA271955/10-11Front Cover Picture (Andres Segovia)
"More Guitarists"
"The Guitar Review"
101 Years Ago ...P.J.B.
Andres Segovia
On Guitar Standards and Quality. Part II ...J. A. Burtnieks
Miguel Llobet, Composer and Guitarist (1878-1938) ...Juan Riera
In Search of Knowledge ...David Knapman
West of England Society Founded
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part VII ...Miguel Abloniz
Gold Medal Guitarist
A Finnish Guitarist
Cincinatti Awakes
Great Triumph for Julian Bream
For the Gramophone
They Packed a Guitar
Guitar Lecture
Guitar Music
An Article by Marc Pincherle
Guitar News
Home-spun and Raffia–A Warning ...Peter David
Boston Guitarists
Rolando Valdes Blain
The Coming of Nylon Strings – A Personal Reaction ...A. Valdes Blain, Senr.
Guitar in Film
Guitarists in Holland
Recitals in Brazil
Programmes in California
Another New Society
Jongleurs and Their Music
International Competition
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee281955/12-1956/1Front Cover Picture (Swedish Guitarist Svea Hammarberg)
Don Quixote or Don Kee-hoh-tay? ...Peter J. Barnes
Paris Radio
Svea Hammarberg-Kritschewsky ...Sigvard Akerman
An Abortive Guitar ...J. A. Burtnieks
French Without Tears, or "C'etait Une Emission de Robert Vidal..." ...Peter David
Two Julian Bream Recitals ...K.H.A. and W.M.A.
Ronoel Simoes
Manuel Velazquez ...Alexander Bellow
News from Austria
The Passing of Piero Sansalvadore ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Frets and Figures ...Hector W. Quine
Progress in Prague
No Segovia!
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part VIII ...Miguel Ablòniz
Victoria Kingsley
Teachers and "Guitar News"
The Guitar in East Europe
Publication Dates of "Guitar News"
Siena Courses
Wot! – No Stool! ...Tim Verey
Guitar Notes from U.S.A.
Guitar Congress at Modena
The Salle Gaveau and Paris
Guitar Music
British Guitar Societies
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee291956/2-3Front Cover Picture (–from the Vienna Woods. An informal picture of the guitarists Julian Bream and Karl Scheit)
New Times for French Guitar Broadcasts
Guitar Concerto by Takacs
Horses and Guitars
Diabelli Trio in Canada
International Guitar Competition
El Arte Flamenco – (The Flamenco Art) ...Rolando Valdes Blain
The Kramer College of Guitarists ...Patricia Young
Guitar Music in Greece
Recital in Gibraltar
On the Origin of the Guitar I ...J. A. Burtnieks
Coughs and Clocks ...Tim Verey
Julian Bream
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part IX ...Miguel Ablòniz
Half-page Article
Radio from Holland
Spanish Temperament ...A. Sumner
News from Mexico
Guitar Music
Guitars in Edinburgh
"'Twas New Year's Eve in the Harvest Home" ...Peter David
Rey de la Torre
Philadelphia S.C.G. Recital
A Guitar Method in Eastern Germany reviewed by ...J. A. Burtnieks
Algerian Guitar Society
Alexandre Lagoya
Body, Voice-box or Resonance-cavity ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Society Meetings in England
Pena Guitarristica Tarrega
Broadcast from Italy
Concerto Romantico
Shakespeare and the Spanish Guitar
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee301956/4-5Front Cover Picture (Manuel Ponce)
'Uncle Bob's' Broadcasts
The Guitar in Parnassus
Concerto for Two Guitars
Julian Bream and the Poets ...P.J.B.
Manuel M. Ponce ...Guillermo Flores Mendez
The Flamenco Lesson ...John Runge
Guitar Article in "Etude"
Fifty Years of Hauser Guitars ...Karl Scheit
Footnote on Frets ...Hector W. Quine
The Guitar Tablatures ...Deric Kennard
Guitar Music
The Guitar is Taught...
Segovia on Quintet
"The Guitar Review" No. 19
News from Italy
On the Origin of the Guitar II ...J. A. Burtnieks
Mexican Guitars
News from Japan
S.C.G. Concert in New York
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Part X ...Miguel Ablòniz
Good Wishes
Cheltenham Circle Meeting
W. of E. Society Meeting
Marcelo Barbero
Mozart Anniversary Programme
Members' Announcements
Victory Kingsley
Recital in Tangiers
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee311956/6-7Front Cover Picture (Music in Milan. Miguel Ablóniz, Maria Luisa Anido, E. R. Roveri)
L. T. Bridell M.A. (Cantab.) President of I.C.G.A.
Please Read This!
My Good Friends Maria Luisa and Miguel ...E. R. Roveri
Paganini and Boccherini ...J. A. Burtnieks
Paganini Music Played
John Runge at Guernsey
International Competitions at Geneva
Julian Bream's New Guitar
Wotta Lotta Money! ...Tim Verey
Guitar Music
The Art of Fingering. Part I ...Miguel Ablóniz
Albert Valdes Blain
Lisbon Conservatory Concerts
Alexander Bellow as Seen by His Students ...Anne Bennett, David Charney, Harold Morris and Durant Robertson
Gramophone Recordings Available in Britain
On the Origin of the Guitar III ...J. A. Burtnieks
A Concert in Moscow
Mrs. Dorothy Gow
Villa-Lobos Takes a Bow
In Australia
Dartington Hall
Deep Thoughts About Guitar Concertos ...Peter David
Recital at Bristol
About Our Fingerboard ...Miguel Ablóniz
Meetings in Britain
Karl Scheit Record
Letter from Ceylon
Members' Announcements
Manuel Gayol Recital
FILEIGRA, Ophee321956/8-9Front Cover Picture (Brazilian Baby Guitarist Grows Up. Maria Livia Sao Marcos)
The Resonance-cavity II ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Segovia on 'The Rock'
Premiere in Prague
Brothers Give Concert
Second Mozart Programme
Autumn Recitals in Britain
Maria Livia Sao Marcos ...Ronoel Simoes
"Romantic Furniture" ...Tim Verey
A 'Guitar Festival' in England ...David M. Gilmour
A Real Guitar Festival in Holland
A Real Guitar Festival in Italy
Swedish Guitarist in Vienna
Guitarist from Ecuador
The Art of Fingering II ...M. Ablóniz
Homage to Segovia
Concert in Malaga
On the Origin of the Guitar IV ...J. A. Burtnieks
Guitar Music
The Guitar and Polish Guitar Players ...Józef Powrozniak
"The Cradle Song"
Conservatory Recital
Gramophone Recordings Available in Britain
British Guitar Societies
Mozart Music for the Guitar ...Vahdah Olcott Bickford
Concerts in Czechoslovakia
Recorded Spanish Music
Christian Gottlieb Scheidler
Guitar Concert in New York
Members' Announcements
Concert Tours
FILEIGRA, Ophee331956/10-11Front Cover Picture (At Aix-En-Provence Festival. Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya)
The Guitar at Dartington Hall, 1956
Julian Bream's Engagements
Victoria Kingsley Recital
The Presti-Lagoya Duo in Provence ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
How? ...Peter David
John Runge in U.S.A.
Recital in Sao Paulo
Holland and Belgium
Recital in Dayton, U.S.A.
Recital in Malaga
The Guitar in Egypt ...Dimitri Crey
Guitar Accompaniments for Songs ...Victoria Kingsley
Broadcasts from France
Concerts in Paris
Gramophone Records
Lolita Tagore at the "Mozarteum" of Salzburg ...Hans Almaroth
"The Birth of a Guitar" Introduction ...L. T. Bridell, M.A.
The Birth of a Guitar ...Eric V. Ridge
Guitar Music
Julian Bream
The Art of Fingering III ...M. Ablóniz
Members' Announcements
"The Campbells are Tuning!" ...Tim Verey
The Geneva Competition
FILEIGRA, Ophee341956/12-1957/1Front Cover Picture (New York Guitarist Rolando Valdes-Blain)
The Geneva Competition
Impressions of Geneva ...Manuel Cubedo
Rolando Valdes-Blain ...José M. Garcia
Andres Segovia Visits South Africa
Impressions from Siena (1956) ...M. Ablóniz
Guitar Music
Julian Bream Record
Internationale Musiktage in Osterreich, 1956 ...David Herges
Segovia's New Guitar
Youth Wins a Cup
Japanese Guitar Concerto
A Glimpse of the Past ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
How I Came to Play the Guitar ...Greta Williams
On the Beach ...Guy B. Simeone
British Guitar Societies
The Birth of a Guitar II ...Eric V. Ridge
British Premiere Villa-Lobos Guitar Concerto ...W.M.A.
London Recital
Julian Bream's Engagements
The Art of Fingering IV ...M. Ablóniz
The Classic Guitar Society of Glasgow
Members' Announcements
Segovia's London Recital
New York News
As Others See Us
Which Key?
FILEIGRA, Ophee351957/2-3Front Cover Picture (Harmony in Helsinki, Arto Juusela and Ivan Putilin)
The Guitar in Chile ...Oscar Lopez Veloso
'Vienna Evening' in Finland
News from Arizona
The Guitar Course in Siena ...A. Valdes-Blain
On the Origin of the Guitar (A Postscript) ...A. Burtnieks
How Long...? ...T. Verey
The Right Hand (Correct Position) ...M. Abloniz
Pictorial Section
Frantz Casseus ...C.L.
The Birth of a Guitar (Part 3) ...E. V. Ridge
American Guitar Recordings ...J. A. Burtnieks
Guitar Music
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee361957/4-5Front Cover Picture (Lolita Tagore, Emilio Pujol, Matilde Cuervas)
Guitarists in Paris
Guitar Evenings in Vienna
Mathilde Cuervas (A Tribute) ...Juan Riera
Paris Broadcasts
The Guitar in Hungary ...Stephen Udvardy
Barna Kovats ...André Verdier
Many Happy Returns
Guitar Festival in Holland
Good (Guitar) Health ...Tim Verey
International Competition for Guitar Music
Juilliard Quartet Includes Guitar
The Right Hand 'Correct Position' II ...Miguel Ablóniz
The Resonance-cavity, A Conspectus of Design (conclusion) ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Troubadour Songs at New York Recital
Aldo Minella
Costa Proakis in Rome
Talks on "The Guitar" in England
S.C.G. Concerts in New York
Mozart and the Guitar ...J. A. Burtnieks
Guitar Music
Julian Bream
The Birth of a Guitar IV ...Eric V. Ridge
Good News from Poland
The Guitar is Taught in Famous Italian Academies
The Ten Melodic Studies for Guitar by Miguel Abloniz ...Maurice Ashurst
Andres Segovia in U.S.A.
British Guitar Societies
Members' Announcements
News from Brazil
Recital in London
Austrian Music Course
FILEIGRA371957/6-8Front Cover Picture (Vladimir Bobri, president of New York society of the classic guitar)
Victoria Kingsley Recital
Royal Festival Hall
Vladimir Bobri: An Introduction ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Vladimir Bobri: An Appreciation ...Gregory d'Alessio
Homage to Tarrega ...José Maria Castell
Impressions of Segovia in Film
Good News from Toronto
Segovia Records in U.S.A. ...J. A. Burtnieks
The Right Hand 'Correct action' III ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitar Music
Nicolas Alfonso in London ...W.M.A.
Segovian Smiles ...Tim Verey
Guitarist's Debut in Turkey
Programme from Greece
New York Recitals
Sor's Grand Sonata
The Birth of a Guitar V ...Eric V. Ridge
Gramophone Recordings in Britain ...Peter J. Barnes
New Society Formed
A Concert in Kentucky
Fingerboard Arithmetic ...Arthur H. Pettinger
Jonn Runge
Round Figures ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Members' Announcements
Buenos Aires Revisited ...Deric Kennard
American Recordings, a Postscript ...J. A. Burtnieks
FILEIGRA, Ophee381957/9-10Front Cover Picture (Rey de la Torre)
Forthcoming Recitals
Rey de la Torre ...Alexander Bellow
The Birth of a Guitar (Part 6) ...E. V. Ridge
Buffalo, N .Y.
Presti-Lagoya Duo
Caramoor June Festival 1957
Guitarist in a Castle ...Tim Verey
The Guitar in Montreal ...Claude Rouzier
Victoria Kingsley's Recital ...David Knapman
More and Better Music ...W.M.A.
Lolita Tagore in London
Alexis Chesnakov and Pupil
The Right Hand (Correct Action) ...Miguel Abloniz
"The Music Masters"
José Navas Garcia ...E. Salazar Chapela
Baghdad and Beyrouth
News from Egypt
British Guitar Societies
Students' Meeting in London ...The Editors
Guitar Music
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee391957/11-12Front Cover Picture (Vicente Gomez)
Forthcoming Recitals
Vicente Gomez ...Theodore A. Lynn
Julian Bream's Wigmore Recital
The Troubadours ...Joan Stein
Bream at Dartington ...James V. J. Miller
"Guitar" – Television Play ...Clinton Simpson
Schloss Leopoldstein ...David Hermges
The Guitar in Ancient Greece ...Charalambos Ekmetzoglou
Guitar Music
Diagrams (Woods)
Before taking up tools ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Concerts in California
Concerts in Japan
Top Marks
The C.G.S. of Glasgow
The Siena Course, 1957 ...Victoria Kingsley
The Right Hand (Correct Action) ...Miguel Ablóniz
Members' Announcements
Fampas' Recital
FILEIGRA, Ophee401958/1-2Front Cover Picture (Danish Guitarist, Jytte Gorki-Schmidt)
Guitar Development in Denmark ...Jytte Gorki-Schmidt
Trinity College of Music
The Foot-Stool ...Gordon Davey
Introducing Morton Lawrence ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Julian Bream at Birmingham ...O. Morton Lawrence
Italian Guitar Congress
Segovia in London ...David Knapman
Guitar Broadcasts from France
Dick Visser's Broadcasts
"Play the Guitar"
Presti-Lagoya Duo in Singapore
Good News from Argentina
Sources of the Diatonic Scale ...J. A. Burtnieks
At the Austrian Institute ...David Knapman
The Right Hand (Correct Action) ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitar Music
Guitar Benefits Orchestra
William Gomez and Guitar Talk Broadcast
Members' Announcements
Students' Concert in Los Angeles
Julio Prol
FILEIGRA, Ophee411958/3-4Front Cover Picture (English Guitarist, Julian Bream)
New Guitar Concerto
Is your Guitar Insured? ...Tim Verey
Vicente Gomez Presents
A Tribute to Andre Verdier ...Ablóniz
News from Austria
Segovia with the Hallé
Carnegie Hall Recital ...Hedley Rainnie
Brussels World Fair 1958
New York Concerts
Segovia in Germany
A "Window" ...Jytte Gorki Schmidt
Listen to French Radio
Historical Notes (part 1) ...Alberto Valdes Blain (Senr.)
Classes in Siena
"The Birth of a Guitar" ...Eric V. Ridge
"Kovats Wows 'Em"
British Guitar Societies
Konrad Ragossnig
Violin, Cello and Guitar
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee421958/5-6Front Cover Picture (Italian Composer, Ettore Desderi)
Ettore Desderi – a contemporary profile ...Costa Proakis
Guitar Activities in Russia ...A. V. Popov
A new Hauser! ...W.M.A.
New Rodrigo Guitar Concerto
Society formed in Utah
Broadcasts from Paris
"The Birth of a Guitar" Chapter 2 ...Eric V. Ridge
Recitals in Japan
Gramophone Recordings
Boccherini Guitar Quintets recorded ...J. A . Burtnieks
Students' Concert in Athens
Yepes in Egypt
The Guitar at St. Cecilia's
The Right Hand (Correct Action) ...Miguel Ablóniz
Seventh Birthday at Boston U.S .A.
Siegfried Behrend visits Ankara ...S.C.P.
Guitarist from Sweden
Historical Notes Part 2 ...Alberto Valdes Blain (Senr.)
The 'Anido' Book
The Guitar Society of Toronto
Guitar Music
Recitals in Paris
Duo Concert in Athens
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee(2)431958/7-8Front Cover Picture (American Guitarist, Richard Pick)
Richard Pick ...Warren Coffey
"The Little Guitarist"
Guitars and 'Gee-tars' ...Tim Verey
The C.G.S. of Buffalo, N .Y.
Concertos at Naples
Article in "The Seafarer"
Adele Kramer ...Richard H. Farrell
Blanch Munro, A.G.S.M.
New Ablóniz Arrangements and Compositions ...Maurice Ashurst
Recital in Los Angeles
Conversation with Julian Bream ...A . McIntosh Patrick
Guitar Exhibition ...Jose Heidrich
"The Birth of a Guitar" – Chapter 3 ...Eric V. Ridge
Cheltenham Circle Meetings
Recital by Manuel Gayol
The Presti-Lagoya Duo ...Miguel Ablóniz
Victoria Kingsley ...W.B. Gibson
Walter Wiedemann
Guitar Evening
B.B.C. Broadcasts
Glasgow Classic Guitar Society
Course at Austrian Pavilion
The Guitar in Cincinnati
Recitals in Barcelona
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee(2)441958/9-10Front Cover Picture (Jose de Azpiazu)
José de Azpiazu – biographical sketch
The Published Music of Jose de Azpiazu
Segovia in Britain
Julian Bream's 1958 Engagements
Dick Visser at Stuttgart
The Guitar in Modern Greece ...Charalambos Ekmetzoglou
Spyros Thomatos
Liza Zoi
Students' Concert at S. Cecilia
Historical Notes (Conclusion) ...A. Valdes Blain (Senr.)
The Birth of a Guitar–Chapter 4 ...Eric V. Ridge
Our Fingerboard ...Miguel Ablóniz
Dimitri Fampas
Dr. Percy Scholes
Frantz Casseus
The Chôro–and Villa-Lobos ...W.M.A.
Recital in Sao Paulo
A Gramophone Evening
The Wichita Society of the Classic Guitar
Do you compose?
The Origin of the Six-String Guitar ...J. A. Burtnieks
Inci Tugsavul
A Meeting in Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee(2)451958/11-12Front Cover Picture (Irma and Frank Wassall – and Suti)
Medieval Song (poem) ...Irma Wassall
Our Cover Pictures
A book from Lerida
Prelude ...Alberto Valdes-Blain
Cheltenham Music Festival Contest
Our Fingerboard ...Miguel Ablóniz
Siena Course
Edinburgh Festival
Six Argentine Recitals
Pointing the Finger–? ...R.S.A.
More about the Chôro ...Miguel Ablóniz
Vancouver and Seattle
Julian Bream at The Wigmore H all ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Rio de Janeiro
Canford Summer School ...Gemma Farmer
Darlington Summer School ...James H. Butterfield
The Birth of a Guitar–Chapter 5 ...Eric V. Ridge
Buffalo C.G.S.
S.C.G. New York
G. Flores Mendez
Guitar Music
Recital by J.D. Roberts
Manuel Diaz Cano
Norman Watson
The Commonsense of Technique ...Costa Proakis
Concert in Hollywood
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee461959/1-2Front Cover Picture (The Perfect Position, Andres Segovia)
Segovia Recital ...P. J. Gamble
A Segovia Pupil ...W.M.A.
An Historic Recital ...Ronald Simpson
For the Gramophone
Etiquette for Guitarists ...Tim Verey
Thirty-Fifth Birthday
Concert in Vancouver
Cheltenham Guitar Contest
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Isaias Savio ...James M. Leigh
Students' Concert in New York
How We should start the Study of the Guitar ...Miguel Ablóniz
Meeting in Brentwood, California
The Birth of a Guitar – Chapter 6 ...Eric V. Ridge 17
Guitar Music
Guitarist and Pianist
Brazilian Guitarists
The Commonsense of Technique ...Costa Proakis
Julian Bream in U.S.A.
"The Guitar Yesterday and To-day"
Concerts in Beyrouth, Lebanon
Abel Fleury (1903-1958)
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)471959/3-4Front Cover Picture (Greek Guitarist Liza Zoi)
Liza Zoi in Parnassos
Guitar Composition Contest–Results
Celedonio Romero ...Abraham A. Chelst
News from Spain
S.C.G. of New York
Q-U-I-Z ...Tim Verey
Guitar Music
Awakening ...A Valdes Blain Senr.
For the Gramophone
Segovia's U.S. Tour
Debut in Palo Alto
How We should start the Study of the Guitar–Chapter 2 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Dick Visser and Anneke
Pieter van der Staak
Concert in Buffalo, U.S.A.
Eric V. Ridge broadcasts
The Commonsense of Technique–Chapter II ...Costa Proakis 18
Toronto Activities
Concert at Wheaton, U.S.A.
Book on Paganini
I Made a Guitar for Ninepence!! ...Gerald Palmer
Boston, U.S.A.
Victoria de los Angeles
Guitars and Recorders
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee481959/5-6Front Cover Picture (Nina Dova)
Nina Dova
Cheltenham Guitar Contest
Paris Radio Guitar Broadcasts
Guitar Concerto Broadcast
With Dr. Albert Schweitzer
Fresh ews about Presti-Lagoya ...Miguel Ablóniz
An article from "Newsweek"
Sabrina! ...Tim Verey
Two guitar makers
Julian Bream at Cheltenham Town Hall ...W.M.A.
The C.G.S. of Greater Dayton
Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima
How we should start the Study of the Guitar–Chapter 3 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Michael Elliott
Guitar Contest at Blackpool
The Commonsense of Technique–Chapter Ill ...Costa Proakis
Guitar Making ...J. K. Sutcliffe
Recital by P. J. Gamble
"Friends of the Classic Guitar in Oslo"
A Concert in Sweden
Guitar Music
New York Concerts
Renata and Graciano Tarragó
Albert Valdes Blain
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, Ophee(2)491959/7-8Front Cover Picture (Cutting the Jubilee Cake - Olga Coelho, Dr. Edmundo Morales, Andres Segovia)
Our Cover Picture
News from Japan
The Guitar in Russia
Cheltenham Festival Guitar Contest
Buffalo and Toronto
How we should start the Study of the Guitar – Chapter 4 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Recital at Seattle
Rey de la Torre
Guitar Making ...J. K. Sutcliffe
'New Style' Programmes ...W.M.A.
Regino Sainz de la Maza
Jubilee Concert in Athens
Guitar Music
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Alice in Guitarland ...Tim Verey
Louisville S.C.G.
Sophocles Papas
Recital by Olga Coelho
A New Tutor
Victoria Kingsley
The Guitar in Spain ...Gerald Palmer
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee501959/10-12Front Cover Picture (Miguel Abloniz demonstrates a good holding position under difficulties–see page6)
Seville Feria 1959 ...Michael F. Elliott
Music at Compostella
Segovia's Golden Jubilee Celebrations in N.Y.
The Artistry of Nina Dova
The Commonsense of Technique (Conclusion) ...Costa Proakis
Julian Bream–American Tour 1959
Segovia's U.S.A. Concert Tour 1960
For the Gramophone
For Amusement Only! ...Tim Verey
Academic Appointments
Forthcoming Recitals–John Williams
Gibraltar Guitarist
S.C.G. Presents Music for Guitar, Voice and Flute
A Hauser for Five Pounds!
Segovia in London
Classical Guitar Circle, New York
News from Australia
The Guitar in Austria
Belfast and Ballymena
Janos Rostagni
Recitals in Switzerland
Evangelos Assimakopoulos
Livia Sao Marcos
Guitar Music
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter 5. ...Miguel Ablóniz
Concerts in Montreal
New Music by Miguel Ablóniz
London Guitar Society
Pena Guitarristica Tarrega
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)511960/1-2Front Cover Picture (Summer Idyll / A Vista of Canford)
Canford Summer School, 1959 ...Gemma Farmer
The Passing of J. A. Burtnieks ...W.M.A.
Cheltenham Festival Guitar Contest
Segovia in Japan
Birmingham School of Music
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter VI ...Miguel Ablóniz
John Williams ...Ronald Simpson
Wichita S.C.G.
Gustavo Lopez at Toronto
Bertram Atkins ...W.M.A.
Karl Scheit
Classical Guitar Circle, N.Y.
Book Review
Of Guitar ...Collins
J. S. Bach and Interpretation ...Costa Proakis
Prof. Jacob Ortner
American Guitar Society
Concert in Oslo
Dimitri Fampas ...T.V.
Chamber Music in Montreal
Sublimation-in 'Limerick' ...Tim Verey
B.B.C. Radio Recitals
Guitar Repairing ...J. K. Sutcliffe
London Guitar Society ...J.D.
For the Gramophone
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
News from Cincinnati. Ohio
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee521960/3-4Tarrega Commemoration Number
Front Cover Picture (Francisco Tarrega)
Francisco Tarrega
Commemorative Concert in U.S.A.
Guitar Compositions Honoured
Watford and District Music Festival
Segovia at New York
Julian Bream at Columbus, Ohio ...G.J.M.
John Williams on British Radio
The First National Exhibition of Guitars
Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter VII ...Miguel Ablóniz
Recitals in Greece
The Friends of the Classical Guitar
Buenos Aires
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Sixty Years of Teaching Guitar
Guitar Concerto in Greece
J. S. Bach and Interpretation–Part Two ...Costa Proakis
The Guitar in Istanbul ...Vrouyr Mazmanian
Concert at Mannes
Rey de la Torre ...G.J.M.
Guitar Music
Guitar Course in Mexico
Recital in London
Buffalo, U.S.A.
On Brazilian Radio
Society of the Classic Guitar, New York
London Guitar Society
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee531960/5-6Front Cover Picture (Joshua Heygen)
Joshua Heygen ...Theo Peters
Romolo Ferrari (1894-1959)
With the Melos Ensemble
London Guitar Society
Once Again About our Fingerboard ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitar Playing Competition
Isaias Savio
Paganini Came to Cheltenham ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
News from Russia
Concert in Sweden
Concerts in Greece
Verse to a Guitar Being Played ...Rosalie Collins
Julian Bream in Italy
Guitar Circle Meetings
S.C.G. Concerts in New York
Siena, Italy
Rey de la Torre
J . S. Bach and Interpretation–Part Two (Continued) ...Costa Proakis
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Yugoslavian Guitarist
Clarence C. Easley
Guitar Music
Miguel Ablóniz's New Works ...Mario Giordano
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)541960/7-8Front Cover Picture (Greek Guitarist Charalambos Ekmetzoglou)
International Summer Academy, Nice
Charalambos Ekmetzoglou
Concerts in Athens
S.C.G. Concert
Cheltenham Festival Guitar Contest, 1960 ...W.M.A.
Konrad Ragossnig
How we should start the study of the guitar. Chap. VII (Cont.) ...Miguel Ablóniz
The Washington Guitar Society
J. S. Bach and Interpretation–Part Three (Cont.) ...Costa Proakis
Brazil Radio and Press
Rolando Valdes-Blain at Cincinnati, Ohio ...George J. Marks
Concert by Per-Olof Johnson
Spanish Music in Lebanon
Julian Bream
Segovia at Chicago
Segovia's British Concerts
Watford and District Music Festival ...B.M.
Manuel Lopez Ramos
John Williams
Guitar in a Cotswold Church ...Joan Prior
Television in Iraq
News from California
Royal Manchester College of Music
Guitar Duo Concert in Rome
At Utah University
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)551960/9-10Front Cover Picture (Michael F. Elliott)
Seville Feria 1960 ...Michael F. Elliott
After Nine Years
Guitar Contest at Worthing
In a Museum ...Wilfrid M . Appleby
Articles in Danish Music Magazine
Fantasia Upon a Eucalypt ...Robert Blackett
Collegium Musicum
Recitals at Salle Erard
Francisco Corbetta ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Concierto de Aranjuez
For the Gramophone
Guitar Music
Dimitri Fampas in Spain
Concert in Kentucky
Youth to Fore at Classic Guitar Circle
Book Review
Sprats and Music ...Tim Verey
Boy Guitarist
The Earth a Guitar!
Arthur Larson
Rey De La Torre
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, LBM561960/11-12Front Cover Picture (Julian Bream)
Julian Bream
Then–and Now ...A. Valdes Blain Sr.
Ida Presti
Horsforth Music Festival, 1961
Presti-Lagoya Duo
The Music of Roberto Gerhard
J. S. Bach and Interpretation–Part Three (continued) ...Costa Proakis
Italian Guitarists
The Notaro-Logli Duo
Richard Pick
Joshua Heygen
Guitarists of Iran
Frederic Mulders
International Friendship League
Olga Coelho
Note for the Road ..."Would-be-Segovia"
Andres Segovia
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter VII ... Miguel Ablóniz
Recital at Hampstead, London
Concert in Washington, D.C.
St. Louis Recital
Classic Guitar Society of Florida ...George J. Marks
Academic Distinations
Society of the Classic Guitar, New York
The Sydney Society of the Classical Guitar
J.ohn Williams–Forthcoming Engagements
Recitals in Egypt
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)571961/1-2Front Cover Picture (In Vienna / Andres Segovia)
Segovia in Malta
Segovia Tour, 1961
Julian Bream in USA
French Radio Competition
Watford Music Festival
Wimbledon Music Festival
Cheltenham Competitive Music Festival
Book Review
"Guitarist has to turn away a queue"
Carole Bistyga
SCG, New York
American, Guitar Recordings ...Clinton Simpson
The Tale of a Tape ...W.M.A.
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter VII ...Miguel Ablóniz
Greek Gathering
Young Guitarist with Barbirolli
News from Brazil
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
London Guitar Society
J.S. Bach and Interpretation-Part Three (continued) ...Costa Proakis
Bravo Peter! ....M.A.
Guitar Music
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)581961/3-4Front Cover Picture (Lisa Zoi)
Lisa Zoi
Baghdad Guitarist in USA
A Guitar at Lambarene
Romeria del Rocio ...Michael F. Elliott
Albert Valdes Blain, Recitals in Toronto, Canada
The Guitar in Lebanon
Guitar Concert in Turkey
How we should start the Study of the Guitar Chapter VII (contd.) ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitarist in Chile
Norman Quinney
Clarence C. Easley (1886-1960)
Kansas City
San Francisco
J. S. Bach and Interpretation-Part Three (contd) ...Costa Proakis
Recital in Sacramento, California
Student Recital
Julian Bream ...W. M. A.
Recital at Buffalo, USA
Concept at Siena, Italy
Guitar Music
For the Gramophone
Music for a Castaway
Members' Announcements
From S.C.G. Bulletin
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)591961/5-6Front Cover Picture (Ida Presti, Alexandre Lagoya, Alexander Bellow)
International Summer Academy, Nice
Presti-Lagoya Duo in U.S.A.
French Radio Guitar Contests, 1961
Cheltenham Music Festival Guitar Contests
Chigiana Musical Academy
Siena in New York
Siena in Australia
Silver Trophy in Brazil
George J. Marks ...A. Valdes Blain Sr.
How we should start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter VIII-The Right Hand ...Miguel Ablóniz
Narciso Yepes with Japanese Orchestra
J. S. Bach and Interpretation- Part Three (contd.) ...Costa Proakis
Segovia in New York Recital
Evgenta RoditI
Manuel Lopez Ramos
Classical Guitar Circle, N.Y.
Guitars in a Japanese School
Guitar Contest in Toronto
Recitals in Barcelona
New York Concert
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Recital in Prague
For the Gramophone
Guitar Music
Valdes Blain Brothers
Father and Son
Recital in Lexington, U.S.A.
The Fiddle or The Angel? ...O. Chobanian
"The Guitar Review" No. 25
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee601961/7-8Front Cover Picture (Ferdinand Sor)
Tenth Anniversary Issue
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee611961/9-10Front Cover Picture (Maria Livia São Marcos)
Our Cover Picture
Alirio Diaz
Segovia's Australian Tour
International Contests Results
Straws ...Tim Verey
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter IX ...Miguel Ablóniz
The Royal College of Music
University of Recife, Brazil
Successes in Phoenix, Arizona
Presti-Lagoya Duo
At the Theatre of Epidaurus
The Guitar in Contemporary Music ...Joan Prior
British Music Festival Contests
J. S. Bach and Interpretation ...Costa Proakis
Julian Bream
Segovia at Bath Festival
S.C.G. New York Concert
Guitar in a Church
A "Second" Guitar ...G. M. Kingman
John Williams on BBC Radio
Earl Jacobson
Concert at Swindon
Sierra Classic Guitar Society
Guitar Music
Birmingham, Alabama
Seville Feria, 1961
William Clauson, Singer-Guitarist
Members' Announcements
Prague Conservatory
An Art Publication
FILEDGA, LBM, Ophee621961/11-12Front Cover Picture (The Classic Guitar Society of Florida U.S.A.)
Segovia in Central Florida ...George J. Marks
A Segovia Broadcast
Presti-Lagoya Duo
Hector Quine
Coupe Internationale de la Guitare 1962
Evangelos Assimacopoulos
Presti-Lagoya at Athens Music Festival
Lively Arts ...Dean Wallace
Carmen Gonzalez ...J.F.
Concerts in Athens
"Man with a Guitar: Julian Bream"
Portrait of Martin Roberts
Sadie Bishop
The C.G.S. of Buffalo
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter IX ...Miguel Ablóniz
Front Page News
Classic and Flamenco Guitars ...Michael F. Elliott
J. S. Bach and Interpretation ...Costa Proakis
Broadcast of French 1961 Contest
B.B.C. Radio
New Music by Ablóniz ...Anthony Smithson
Dimitri Fampas
Members' Announcements
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)631962/1-2Front Cover Picture (Trio in Canada. Marie Sandor (flute), Benjamin Stolow (viola), Abel Nagytothy-Toth (guitar))
Yepes in London ...Ronald Thexton
Broadcast on Radio Canada
More Light on Francisco Corbetta ...Costa Proakis
British Guitar Contests, 1962
Music at Compostella and Contest
Presti-Lagoya Duo in N.Y
Barna Kovats
Concert in Mexico
Anton Guggenberger of Old Vienna ...Bernard Lee
Fampas at Wigmore Hall ...Ronald Thexton II
Segovia Tour in USA and Canada, 1962
Concert at Bristol, England
New Guitar Recordings
Spiros Thomatos
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter IX ...Miguel Ablóniz
Chamber Music in Los Angeles
Recital by Mike Lorimer
Friends of the Classical Guitar
J. S. Bac h and Interpretation ...Costa Proakis
Guitar Music
Another New Society
Washington Concert
Manuel Gayol Concert in N.Y.
Concert in Hollywood
New York Concert
New Society in Sacramento
Nina Dova Concert
N .Y. Classical Guitar Circle
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)641962/3-4Front Cover Picture (George C. Krick, Michael Dwyer, Cecelia Sandoval)
George C. Krick
Villa-Lobos Week
Schubert's Guitar
Konrad Ragossnig
International Guitar Contests, Paris, 1962
The Story of a Guitar, Chapter I ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
How you may increase the loudness of your Guitar ...Bernard Lee
Quartet and Quintet ...W.M.A.
12,000 guitars
Juan Mercadal
Sergio Notaro
Sor in Russia ...Alexis Chesnakov
Adolf Vanelli
Ralph Freundlich
New Guitar Recordings
Concert by Basil Gural
Classic Guitar Society of Buffalo
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter IX ...Miguel Ablóniz
Glasgow Guitar Concert
A Memorable Recital ...Ronald Thexton
Sierra Classic Guitar Society
N.W. Classic Guitar Society
Gary Martin
Jodacil Damaceno
Guitar Concert in Rome
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Members' Announcements
Front Cover Picture (After the Concert. The Presti-Lagoya Duo with Segovia after the Duo's recital, New York 1961)
Segovia's Australian Tour, 1961
lnternational Summer Academy. Nice, 1962
Guitar Contests at Cheltenham
Karl Scheit Recital ...Ronald Thexton
Classical Guitar Circle. New York
The Story of a Guitar, Chapter II ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Nicholas Moes
The Royal Conservatory of Toronto, Canada
Lisa Bronowski
Guitar Lecture in Mexico
George C. Krick ( 1871- I 962)
Recital in Greece
How to Balance Guitar Strings ...Bernard Lee
Another New Group
Alirio Diaz
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter IX ...Miguel Ablóniz
Recitals in Barcelona
Guitar Concert in Turkey
The Plight of a Plebian Guitarist ...Melvin E. Michael
Sacramento Guitar Society
Concerts in California
Members' Announcements
Spiros Thomatos
Salle Gaveau, Paris
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee651962/5-6Front Cover Picture (After the Concert. The Presti-Lagoya Duo with Segovia after the Duo's recital, New York 1961)
Segovia's Australian Tour, 1961
lnternational Summer Academy. Nice, 1962
Guitar Contests at Cheltenham
Karl Scheit Recital ...Ronald Thexton
Classical Guitar Circle. New York
The Story of a Guitar, Chapter II ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Nicholas Moes
The Royal Conservatory of Toronto, Canada
Lisa Bronowski
Guitar Lecture in Mexico
George C. Krick ( 1871- I 962)
Recital in Greece
How to Balance Guitar Strings ...Bernard Lee
Another New Group
Alirio Diaz
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter IX ...Miguel Ablóniz
Recitals in Barcelona
Guitar Concert in Turkey
The Plight of a Plebian Guitarist ...Melvin E. Michael
Sacramento Guitar Society
Concerts in California
Members' Announcements
Spiros Thomatos
Salle Gaveau, Paris
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)661962/7-8Front Cover Picture (Jan Tornay)
Jan Tornay
Leonard Thomas Bridell , M.A. (1882- 1962) ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Festival Contests
'Pizzicato' and 'Arpeggio' ...Costa Proakis
Jytte Gorki Schmidt
Reception in Sydney, N.S.W.
Guitar Recordings ...Raymond Ericson
Segovia at New Orleans ...Loris O. Chobanian
A Unique Society ...Guy B. Simeone
£.E.A.D.G.B.E.£ ...Tim Verey
Segovia in London ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Concert at Colorado Springs
The Story of a Guitar, Chapter III ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Concerts in Switzerland
Albert Valdes Blain
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar. Chapter X ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitar Music
Chobanian on TV
The Classical Guitar Society of Ohio
Members' Announcements
Joseph Hagarty
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)671962/9-10Front Cover Picture (Manuel Lopez Ramos, Graciela E. Pomponio, Robert J. Vidal and Jorge Martinez Zarate)
1962 Coupe lnternationale de la Guitare
Learning the Guitar Keyboard
Flute and Guitar ...Dewey A. Tapp
Barna Kovats
The Guitar in Schools
Examination Concert
1963 Coupe lnternationale
Guitar Music
Alirio Diaz
Lecture-Recital in South Africa
How We Should Start the Study of the Guitar ...Miguel Ablóniz
Classical Guitar Society of Sacramento ...George Nichols
The Guitar is Taught
Festival of the Classic Guitar
Glasgow Music Festival Guitar Contest
British Broadcasting
New York Town Hall
Norman Quinney
Students' Concert in Athens
Students' Concert in Vienna
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)681962/11-12Front Cover Picture (Guitar in Southern France. A Street in Stes. Maries de la Mer)
La Coupe. The 1963 International Guitar Competition
New Villa-Lobos Guitar Work
Guitar in Orchestra
Stes. Maries de la mer. Gipsy Festival (France) 1962 ...Michael F. Elliott
Yepes on Radio
Segovian Interviews ...W.M.A.
Santiago de Compostela
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation o n the Guitar. Part I. ...Miguel Ablóniz
Washington Guitar Society
Albert Valdes Blain
Concerts in Canada
Hollywood Concerts
Concerts in Barcelona
Buffalo, New York
The Musician's 'Last Love' ...Walter Schumacher
'Pizzicato' and 'Arpeggio' (Mazzini) ...Costa Proakis
Kentucky Guitarists
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee691963/1-2Front Cover Picture (Jiro Matsuda)
Jiro Matsuda
Two Conservatorium Appointments in Australia
'Pizzicato' and 'Arpeggio' (Rizzio) ...Costa Proakis
British Guitar Contests 1963
New Guitar Recordings
Patrick Bashford ...Jennifer Humphreys
John Williams at Oxford
"Dark Horse" in Australia
Shakespeare with Guitar
689 Guitar Broadcasts
Prague Conservatory
Guitar Music
James Yoghourtjian
Guitar (poem) ...Rosalie Collins
Peter B. Klausmeyer
At Danish Castles
Dimitris Pappadatos
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part II ...Miguel Ablóniz
Chicago Guitar Society
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Turfbio Santos
Louis Ignatius Gall
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee701963/3-4Front Cover Picture (Guitar by Stradivarius)
Stradivari Guitars ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
A Segovia Film ...Irving Gitlin
John Williams in USSR ...Arseny V. Popov
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part Ill. ...Miguel Ablóniz
News from Japan
Duo Presti-Lagoya
Villa-Lobos Festival
Classical Guitar Circle, New York
Louis Ignatius Gall
Sarah Stafford Cecil ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Guitar Music
Random Thoughts ...H. M. Knowles
"La Revue du Liban"
Concert in Brazil
Guitar at PestaIozzi Village
North West Classic Guitar Society
Vahdah O . Bickford
William Matthews
High Altitude Playing
Chicago Guit r Society
Queen Mother at King's Lynn Concert
Carols in Cheltenham
Corrado Mezzina
The Guitar Society of Colorado
Guitar with Baroque Ensemble
American Guitar Society
The Pelzer Story–corrected ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
John Williams
Hungarian Guitarist
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee711963/5-6Front Cover Picture (Liza Zoi and Evangelos Assimacopoulos)
Greek Duo
Segovia's English Visit
Narciso Yepes Chosen
John Williams
Jose Luis Gonzalez ...W.M.A.
Guitar Music
Karl Scheit in Lebanon
The Guitar in Chile
Washington D.C.
Guitar Contests in Cheltenham
Guitar History
Maria Luisa Anido
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part IV. ...Miguel Ablóniz
Stephen Fentok ...Madeline Ballard
John Williams at Guernsey
Segovia's Special Talent Thrills Lisner Crowd ...Charles Crowder
The Terrors of Tape ...W.M.A.
Alirio Diaz
Bergslagen Guitar Society, Sweden
Ojai Festival, California
News from Montreal
Sacramento USA
Cordially, Rey de la Torre ...George Nichols
Members' Announcements
Irma Costanzo in Tokyo
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM721963/7-8Front Cover Picture (Heitor Villa-Lobos)
Villa-Lobos Week, 1962 ...Jodacil Damaceno
The Serenity of Segovia ...Joan Prior
On the Isle of Capri
Segovia in High Society
Concert in Istanbul
Carole Bistyga
Julian Bream and the Bournemouth S.O. ...Christopher J. Gilbert
Miliaressis at Malta
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part V. ...Miguel Ablóniz
Concert in Glasgow
Andres Segovia in St. Petersburg, Florida ...George J. Marks
Rhode Island , Guitar Guild of Providence
Francisco Guerau ...Alexander Bellow
John E. Marlow
Olga Coelho
Rey de la Torre at Wichita
Guitars in Teheran
Thomas F. Hartman
Pat Gamble on TV
Rey de la Torre in Florida ...George J. Marks
Loris Chobanian
Members' Announcements
Concerts in Switzerland
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee731963/9-10Front Cover Picture (Paris 1963 Winners. (Left to right) Aldo Minella, Louis Ignatius Gall, Robert J. Vidal (Organiser), Oscar Ghiglia, Gianluigi Gelmetti)
lnternational Guitar Contests RTF Paris 1963 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Netherlands Radio
New Guitar Recordings
Charalambos Ekmetzoglou
News from Australia
Guitar by Stradivarius ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Guitars in Paintings ...W. Schumacher
Cheltenham Competitive Festival
Segovia Supports 'Lifeline'
Karl Scheit Concert Tour
Guitar Music
David Arnold
Segovia in California
Vienna Academy Concert
Omar Atreo
Greek Celebration
Leonard Banaszak
Irfanudin Harjono A.G.S.M. ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
One Day with the Lagoyas ...Miguel Ablóniz
St. Albans Music Festival
John Williams at Cheltenham Festival ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Concert in Rhode island
Watford Music Festival ...Lily Morrison
The Guitar in Utah ...Roger D. Brian
Presti-Lagoya in Canada
Guitar Broadcasts in France
Sixth International Guitar Competition 1964
Classic Guitar Society of Detroit
Members' Announcements
Maria Luisa Anido
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)741963/11-12Front Cover Picture (Martin Best)
Martin Best
At the Ashmolean ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Sacramento Concert
Some Pointers for that First Solo Recital ...George Nichols
Jytte Gorki Schmidt visits Canada
How many Guitar Records?
Cheltenham Competitive Festival
Recitals in Barcelona
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part VI. ...Miguel Ablóniz
The Guitar in the Steinhart Aquarium ...George Nichols
Arto Juusela
Guitar Music
Essay on Guitar History
Jack Cecchini
Progress in Australia
Welsh Week in, Cheltenham ...Wilfrid M . Appleby
Guitarists in USSR ...Arseny V. Popov
American Guitar Society Concerts
Guitar in Film Triumph
French Radio
BBC Guitar Broadcasts
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Edinburgh Festival
Members' Announcements
Brazilian Guitar Sextet
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)751964/1-2Front Cover Picture (Norman Quinney and Gavin Casey)
Our Cover Picture
Madrid Conservatorio Prize
40th Anniversary ...H. Mendelsohn
Duo Presti-Lagoya ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Guitar Contests 1964
Four Centuries of Guitar Music
New Guitar Recordings
Fritz Buss
John Williams in Japan
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part VII ...Miguel Ablóniz
'At Home' in Australia
Five Recitals in Mexico
Guitar Music
Martin Roberts
Dr. Heinz Bischoff
Women's Chamber Music Society
An Escort for 'Greensleeves'? ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Costa Proakis
Verdi Anniversary
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
'Uncle Vanya'- plays the guitar
Lopez Ramos in USSR ...Arseny V. Popov
BBC Broadcasts
Eugenio Gonzalo
Members' Announcements
Ralph Freundlich
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)761964/3-4Front Cover Picture (Juan Ruando Balada. Secretary of the "Pena Guitarristica Tarrega", Barcelona, Spain.)
Birthday Greetings to Segovia
Segovia Master Classes at the University of California
Segovia's Beret ...Jean White
Recital in Crete
Dimitri Fampas Triumphal Tour of ltaly
Schoenberg–with Guitar
Julian Bream at Cheltenham ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
John Williams
Olga Coelho and Folk Songs
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part VIII. ...Miguel Ablóniz
Presti-Lagoya Duo
Accompaniment Supreme
Liverpool Vindicated
The Romeros
Maria Livia Sao Marcos
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Julian Bream at Bromsgrove Festival
Stes. Maries de la Mer, Gipsy Festival (France) 1963 ...Michael F. Elliott
Sukenori Kyomoto
Antonio Losada
Wigmore Hall Filled-Twice
John Cadman
St. Albans Music Festival ...Lily Morrison
Guitar Concert at Bristol ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Mario Sicca
Guillermo Fierens
Segovia in New York and Chicago
Dick Visser
Members' Announcements
Sava Palasis
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)771964/5-6Front Cover Picture (Maria Portela)
Maria Portela
Recordings at Siena
lnternational Guitar Concours, 1964
Poetry and Guitar ...W.M.A.
Duo Pomponio-Zarate ...R. J. Prudon
'A School Future' ...Malcolm H. Grady
Students' Concent in Vienna
Kostas Margaritopoulos ...John Parfitt
International Summer Academy, Nice 1964
Elena Paz Travesi
Wimbledon Music Festival Guitar Contest ...Lily Morrison
New Year Concert in Greece
Stephen Fentok
Karl Scheit in Yugoslavia
Konrad Ragossnig
Jose Tomas
London Concert
Oscar Caceres
Victoria Classic Guitar Society, Canada ...A. de Goutiere
Guitar Week in Germany
Elementary Harmony a nd Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part IX. ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitar Music
Biologist's Break
New Guitar Recordings
Edinburgh Festival 1964
Soiree at Tewkesbury
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Alirio Diaz
lrfanudin Harjono
Latest News of the Duo Pomponio-Zarate
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(4)781964/7-8Front Cover Picture (Seiko Obara)
Seiko Obara
Ronoel Simoes
Segovia in London ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
St. Louis, Mo. USA
George Zarb, L.L.C.M ...Lily Morrison
The Guitar Society of Toronto, Canada
Rodrigo Riera
Award of Merit
Guillermo Fierens
Spiros Thomatos
Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima
Sukenori Kyomoto
Stepan Urban
Villa-Lobos Festival, 1963
The Mid-America Guitar Society
Jodacil Damaceno
Guitar in the Garden
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar, Part X. ...Miguel Ablóniz
Homage to Llobet in Argentina
Julian Bream
John Williams
Mario Luisa Anido in Russia ...Vladimir Slavsky
Students' Concert in Australia
Broadcasts in Florida
Segovia in California
Minneapolis Classic Guitar Society
Concert in Salt Lake City
Nightmare! ...Tim Verey
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)791964/9-10Front Cover Picture (Dimitri Fampas)
Concours International de Guitare 1965
Dimitri Fampas
John Williams
6th International Guitar Contest R.T.F., Paris, 1964 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Teaching Teachers' Teachers
Philip J. Bone (1873-1964) ...Wilfrid M . Appleby
Concert at a School ...–J.P.
Britten Going-To-Sleep Piece ...The Times
Jose Luis Gonzalez
Jiri Jirmal
Jane Rutherford Maitland ...–W.M.A.
Louis Ignatius Gall
Guitar Music
On the Editing of Guitar Music ...Clinton Simpson
Pacific Classic Guitar Society
Concert of Songs and Arias
Anna Kotsarenko
Brigitte Zaczek
David Harris
The Guitar in the Secondary School ...Christine M. TiIsley
Leo Rivera
Diana Stamer
Concert at Bristol
Jeffery Van
Jorge Ariza
Louisvilile S.C.G.
Bob Roberts
Nail and Pad ...Malcolm H. Grady
"Los Amigos de la Guitarra Espanola en Toledo" (Ohio, USA)
Washington Guitar Society
Members' Announcements
Julian Bream at Petworth House
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)801964/11-12Front Cover Picture (Barbara Polasek)
Segovia's Master Class in California
Comments on the Master Class, Berkeley, 1964 ...Betty Dove
When the Ol' Man came to Berkeley ...George Nichols
Ralph Freundlich
Julian Bream at Edinburgh Festival, 1964
First Guitar Festival in Japan, 1964
Stephen Fentok
Four Centuries of Guitar Music
Alpbach European Forum
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Ferdinand Sor ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Sor's Works for Guitar
Mercadal in Buenos Aires ... –H. E. Huttig
Julian Bream at Cheltenham
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part XI ...Miguel Ablóniz
Some New York Concerts 1964-1965
Members' Announcements
Classic Guitar Society of Michigan
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)811965/1-2Front Cover Picture (Mathanya Ophee)
Israel–A New Society ...–Mathanya Ophee
Guitar Concert at Lincoln, March 21st, 1965
Mathanya Ophee
Birmingham 1965 Music Festival
Segovia Week in Sydney
New York
'Collage' ...Tim Verey
Julian Bream Cancellation
The Evolution of the Classic Guitar ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
'Round the World' ...–M.H.G.
Malcolm H. Grady
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part XII ...Miguel Ablóniz
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
We Thank You
Concert in Sacramento
Guitar Records in Mexico ...Aquiles Valdez Ortiz
Chicago a nd District ...–Peter and Jean Leibundguth
New Guitar Recordings
Robert Vidal – RTF Broadcasts
George Zarb
Ernesto Bitetti
Hungary and Japan
Concert by Two
Leisure Rightly Used Renews Vigour ...Morton Lawrence
Members' Announcements
Spiros Thomatos
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)821965/3-4Front Cover Picture (Santiago de Compostela, 1964)
The New Pilgrims
Aarhus Conservatory
The Evolution of the Classic Guitar. Part II ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Isaias Savio Honoured
Indiana University C.G.S.
'Artist of the Month' ...W.M.A.
H. R. Kenworthy
Guitar Lecture at Gloucester
Juan Mercadal in Miami
Guitar Music
Purley and District Guitar Society
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part XIII ...Miguel Ablóniz
Ako Ito
Guitar Concert at Bristol
David Harris
Jose Lazaro Villena
Mario Livia Sao Marcos
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Jiri Jirmal
John Williams ...F.W.
Morton Lawrence ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
The C.G.S. of Detroit
New Society in Melbourne
Concert in New York
Concert in Scotland
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(4)831965/5-6Front Cover Picture (Duo Presti-Lagoya)
Contest in Japan
Duo Presti-Lagoya
Concours International de Guitare, 1965 (Paris)
The Evolution of the Classic Guitar, Part III ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Spiros Thomatos
Segovia ...Ruth Clark
Segovia Visit to England
Concours International de Guitare, 1966
Ghiglia Master Class 1965
George Zarb at Spanish Circle
Harlow Competitive Guitar Contest
Larry Vogt
Corrado Mezzina
International Pujol Course
Japanese Duo Recital
Washington Society of the Classic Guitar
Rodrigo Riera
Greek Festival Concert
Elementary Harmony and Chord Formation on the Guitar. Part XIV ...Miguel Ablóniz
Bach 280th Birthday Concert ...Lew Head
French TV and Radio
Wichita Society of the Classic Guitar
Dr. Ernest H. Taves
Joaquin Rodrigo
Concert in Boston, Mass
Earl Jacobson
Austrian Guitarists
Carl Bernstein and Kalid Benabdallah
Albert Valdes-Blain
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)841965/7-8Front Cover Picture (David Harris)
David Harris ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
North Carolina School of the Arts
Segovia in Royal Philharmonic Society Concert
Washington S.C.G.
Louis Ignatius Gall
Rational Guitar Technique. Part I. ...Miguel Ablóniz
Duo Presti-Lagoya in Surinam ...J. F. Sabajo
First lnternational Guitar Contest in America
Konrad Ragossnig
The Evolution of the Classic Guitar. Part IV ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Loris Chobanian
Meaning in our Music ...Malcolm H. Grady
Adelaide C.G.S.
Purley Guitar Society
The Society of the Classic Guitar, Boston, Mass.
Segovia London Recital
The Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, USA
Jiri Jirmal
S.C.G. New York
Pena Guitarristica Tarrega (Barcelona)
The Ponce Guitar Concerto
An Evening with the Duo-Presti-Lagoya ...George Zarb
GuiJtar Acrostic and Guitar Rondel ...Grace Cecelia Callahan
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee851965/9-10Front Cover Picture (The Alhambra, Granada. Patio de los Leones.)
Recuerdos de la Alhambra ...Shirley Schwartz
Concours International de Guitare, 1966
The Evolution of the Classic Guitar, Part V ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Julian Bream in Japan
Guitar Music
Pioneer in Finland
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 2 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitar Society in Richmond, Virginia ...Grete Franke Dollitz
Matthew Clark
Students' Concert in Hartford , Conn.
Students' Concert at Plainfield , N.J.
Guillermo Fierens
Paolo Pilia
Constantine Guitar Club ...Dr. A. C. K. Smith
Spiros Thomatos
Classic Guitar Society of Central Florida
Chicago Guitar Society
John Marlow
Guitar Examinations
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM861965/11-12Front Cover Picture (1965 Winners with Barbara Polasek (1964). (L. to R.) Raul Maldonado, Miguel Barbera-Bisbal, Barbara Polasek and Turibio Santos)
"Guitar News" Publishing Dates, 1966
7th International Guitar Contest RTF, Paris 1965
The Evolution of the Classic Guitar, Part VI ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
New Talent Blossoms in Sacramento, USA ...George Nichols
Barna Kovats
Glasgow Music Festival 1965
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 3 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Susan Prendiville: A Debut ...Walter Schumacher
Ralph Freundlich
'Artist of the Month'
Constructing a Classic Guitar ...Thomas H. Corcoran
Roy Adams
Tokyo Guitar Chamber Music Society ...Mineru Nakada
"The Guitar Review" No. 28 ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Theodore Norman
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Aquiles Valdez Ortiz
Guitarists' Wedding
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)871966/1-2Front Cover Picture (At Compostela. Robert J. Vidal Interviews Andres Segovia)
Compostela–and France
Society of the Classic Guitar, New York ...Anne Closner
Town Hall Packed–Julian Bream at Cheltenham ...W.M.A.
Count Chigi Saracini
A new Society in Norwich
Konrad Ragossnig
"Six Strings Round the World"
Juan Mercadal in Orlando ...George J. Marks
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 4 ...Miguel Abloniz
Turibio Santos
John Williams
Guitar Recording
Pujol Course Jytte Gorki Schmidt
Yasumasa Obara
Concert at Piraeus
Antonio Rebello
International Anthology for Guitar ...W.M.A .
Biographies ...Alexander Bellow
They Played the Guitar
Bethlehem Guitar Society, USA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
William Matthews
John Thackeray and John Cadman ...Lily Morrison
Ray Reussner
Sheffield Festival 1965
Manuel Lopez Ramos Master Class, 1965
Trinity College of Music, London
A Spectator's view of Guitar Contests ...Lily Morrison
Antonio Albanes
The Purley Guitar Society ...Margaret Sneade
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee881965/3-4Front Cover Picture (Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoi)
Happy Birthday! ...W.M.A.
The Guitar in Russia ...Arsene V. Popov
Segovia in Stockholm ...Lars Eriksson
Juan Mercadal ...George J. Marks
Herminio Bello de Carvalho
Manos Hadjidakis
Rational Guitar Technique. Part 5 ...Miguel Abloniz
Boston Guitar Circle, Mass.
Jacques von Praet
Intermountain Guitar Society ...Roger Brian
Alexander Bellow ...W.M.A.
More Biographies ...Alexander Bellow
Concert in Miami
Duo Recital in Athens
Pena Guitarristica Tarrega
David Harris
Alice Artz!
Guitar Music
Rey de la Torre in Gainsvi lle
"Four Centuries of Guitar Music"
Jodacil Damaceno .
Dimitri Fampas
Concert in Glasgow
University of Florida
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee891966/5-8Front Cover Picture (The Cathedral Santiago de Compostela)
The Story of Santiago de Compostela ...Shirley Schwarts
Concert in Turkey
New chamber music
Concert in Finland
Rational Guitar Technique. Part 6 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Meeting in Richmond, Virginia ...Grete Franke Dollitz
Segovia in Canada
For the gramophone
John Williams at Cheltenham ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Segovia supported ...Tim Verey
Californian Activities
That New Guitar ...Malcolm H. Grady
My Guitar – and My Love ...James L. Griffis
How to balance Guitar Strings ...Bernard Lee
Contemporary Music in California
Concert in Brazil
Golden Jubilee – Isaias Savio
Rational Guitar Technique. Part 2 (reprint) ...Miguel Ablóniz
London Recital
In the New York Times
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Nicholas Barton
Maria Livia Sao Marcos
David Harris
Biographies ...Alexander Bellow
Dimitri Fampas
Aquiles Valdez
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee901966/9-10Front Cover Picture (George Sakellariou)
Duo Surprise
George Sakellariou
International Guitar Contests, RTF Paris 1966
80 Notes
In the Garden of St. Cecilia ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Andres Segovia Master Class ...Helen Coule Lurie
Paris 1967 Contests
Paris News
The Classic Guitar in liberal education
Rational Guitar Technique Part 7 ...Miguel Abloniz
Guitar Music
British News
The sound of three million guitars ...Eric Miller
Presti-Lagoya Duo ...Guy B. Simeone
Cesar Leon
New from Australia
Norwich Classic Guitar Society ...J.S.S.
Auckland, New Zealand
Alexander Bellow
Bethlehem Classic Guitar Society
D. E. McConnell
For the Gramophone
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Sukenori Kyomoto
Second Japanese Festival of Guitar Music
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee911966/11-12Front Cover Picture (Omar Atreo)
Omar Atreo
RTF Concours de Guitare 1967
50th Anniversary
Aldo Minella
Poetry and the Guitar ...W.M.A.
A Guitarist's Epitaph ...James L. Griffis
"80 Notes"
Jose Luis Gonzalez
Ralph Freundlich
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 8, Left Hand ...Ablóniz
Ghiglia at Kansas City
Concert in Teheran
When Guitarists Smile ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Brigitte Zaczek
Recitals in Barcelona, Spain
Film on the Guitar
Guitar and Oboe
Guitar and Viola
Julian Coco
Ernesto G. Bitetti
Concert in Prague
Italian Composers
Guitar Taught on TV
Flute and Guitar
Purley Guitar Society
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee921967/1-2Front Cover Picture (Andres Segovia, A study by Georges Reiser)
New Year Greetings ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Segovia Master Class on TV
Photo Studies of Segovia by Georges Reiser
Barbara Polasek at Wigmore Hall ...D. E. McConnell
"Classic Guitar Construction" (Irving Sloane) ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Watford Music Festival
Cheltenham Competitive Music Festival
Oscar Ghiglia
Olga Coelho Concert ...Gregory d'Alessio
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 9, Left Hand ...Miguel Abloniz
Rey de la Torre
John Williams ...Eric H. Miller
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
When Guitarists Smile ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
D. D. McConnell
Julian Bream
Hector Garcia
Guitar Music
Concerts in Zurich
Alba Sanchez Tapia
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
"The Genealogy of Communications"
Manuel Lopez Ramos
City of Sydney Eisteddfod
FILELBM, IGRA, Ophee931967/3-5Front Cover Picture (Miguel Abloniz)
Miguel Ablóniz
D. Jaime Castellá
Barna Kovats
David McConnell
Zulema Quijano
C. F. Martin Guitar
Dimitri Fampas
Louis Ignatius Gall
When Guitarists Smile, Chapter III ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
American Guitar Society
Guitar Chamber Music
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle 21st Anniversary
News from Australia ...Alirio Diaz
Alan Posselt
Richard Johnson ...Irma Wassall
Bunyan Webb
Santiago de Murzia ...D. E. McConnell
Guitar Music (continued)
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 10 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Vincenzo Capirola ...D. E. McConnell
Maria Livia Sao Marcos
Purley Guitar Society
Clifford Morris
Minneapolis C.G.S.
Students' Concert in San Francisco
Aquiles Valdez
Canadians in G.B.
FILELBM, IGRA, Ophee941967/6-8Front Cover Picture (Golden Jubilee, The Presentation to Maria Luisa Anido)
Maria Luisa Anido
ORTF Paris Guitar Contests
"Magic of guitar demonstrated by Julian Bream" ...E.M.W.
International Pujol Course
Julian Bream at Queen Elizabeth Hall ...Will Dexter
Cesar Augusto Roche Olivar
London College of Music
Ida Presti
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
American Guitar Society
John Williams in Salem, Oregon ...Winston Petty
Bunyan Webb
Adelaide, S. Australia
Konrad Ragossnig
John Williams at the Queen Elizabeth Hall ...Will Dexter
Rodrigo Riera
Vittorio Giannini
Sergio and Eduardo Abreu
Miguel Rubio
Houston, Texas ...Jim Stovall
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 11 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Richard Phillips in concert
Charles Stein
Rosario and Juan Mateu
Juan Mercadal
Beirut Music Club
Sylvius Leopold Weiss ...D. E. McConnell
Carlos Iafelice
FILELBM, IGRA, Ophee951967/9-10Front Cover Picture (R. Sainz de la Maza)
Sainz de la Maza in Ireland ...Robert W. Boyle
Ida Presti – as I knew her ...Vrouyr Mazmanian
Ida Presti ...W.M.A.
Segovia in London
University of California
Concours Internationale de Guitare, 1967, Paris
1968 Contests
Alirio Diaz in New York
Invocation to the Nine Muses ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Liza Zoi and Evangelos Assimacopoulos
Manuel Lopez Ramos
Redbridge Music Festival 1967
Weddings and Golden Wedding
Concerts in Lebanon
Graham Wade
Music to Delight
Festival Recital
Greek Students' Concert
Rational Guitar Technique – Part 12 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Guitar Music
Spiros Thomatos
Sacramento, California
Guitar – Top Marks
Purley Guitar Society ...Margaret Bromley-Barratt
FILELBM, IGRA, Ophee(2)961967/11-12Front Cover Picture (Juan Ruano and Dimitri Fampas)
Dimitri Fampas
Concert in Athens
Villa-Lobos – His Magical Art ...Graham Wade
Graham Wade
Ralph Freundlich
Concerts in Vienna
The Moorabbin Arts Festival
Julian Bream – playing music by Mudarra ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Success in Finland
Pomponio-Zarate Duo ...Vladimir Slavsky
Rational Guitar Technique Part 13 ...Miguel Abloniz
Oscar Ghiglia
Richard Johnson
For the Gramophone
Per-Olof Johnson ...Bertil Ingwaldson
Purley Guitar Society
John Marlow
Guitar Music as a Liberal Study ...A.C.K. Smith
Miami Concert
The Guitar in Japan
Eugenio Gonzalo
Musical Composition
Nicos Chamilothoris
Members' Announcements
FILELBM, IGRA, Ophee971968/1-2Front Cover Picture (Julian Byzantine)
Julian Byzantine ...Graham Wade
John Varner
British Guitar Contests, 1968
Guitar Course on Japan Television
News from Rome
Toronto, Canada
Turibio Santos ...Will Dexter
Bach and the Classic Guitar ...Graham Wade
Ernesto Bitetti
"Poetry, Music and Roses" ...W.M.A.
New York Concert
Contest in Belgium
Rational Guitar Technique – Part 14 ...Miguel Abloniz
Omar Atreo at Hongkong and Philippines
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Trinity College (London) Examinations ...Harold Dench
Graham Wade
William Matthews
Pujol Course 1967 ...Jytte Gorki-Schmidt
American Guitar Society
The "New" Liverpool Sound ...Anthony Crimlisk
Spiros Thomatos
Richard Provost
Members' Announcements
FILELBM, IGRA981968/3-5Front Cover Picture (Mario Sicca and Rita Maria Fleres)
Guitar-Hammerklavier Duo
Boccherini–arr. Bream
Franz Schubert ...Spiros Thomaros
Floating Music Festival
"The Julian Bream" Prize
Per-Olof Johnson in London ...Will Dexter
Betho Davezac
Albert Augustine ...Gregory d'Alessio
For The Gramophone
Rational Guitar Technique Part 14 (Continued) ...Miguel Ablóniz
Manuel Lopez Ramos Guitar Course 1967
Eric Hill
News from Ipswich
Ithaca College, N.Y.
Clifford Morris
Irma Costanzo
Julian Byzantine
Maria Livia Sao Marcos
Guitar, cello and violin
Loris 0. Chobanian
Barna Kovats
Homage to Pujol
Richard Provost
The Guitar in Red bridge ...David E. McConnell
Purley Guitar Society ...Margaret B. Barratt
John Zaradin ...Will Dexter
FILELBM, IGRA991968/6-8Front Cover Picture (Sergio and Eduardo Abreu)
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968) ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
The Music of Castelnuovo-Tedesco ...Graham Wade
Duo Lisa and Angelo Assimacopoulos
Liverpool Classic Guitar Scene
Classic Guitar Society of Connecticut
Forthcoming Events
Segovis at Los Olivos ...Harold Dench
George Sakellariou
Guido Topper
Concours lnternationale 1968, RTF Paris
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 15 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitar Music
Mid-America Guitar Society
American Guitar Society
Melchor Rodriguez
Lepers and the Guitar
Oscar Ghiglia ...Guy Simeone
Composition Contest
Graham Wade
Richard Provost
Omar Atreo
Music and Sensitivity
Miguel Rubio at Wigmore Hall ...Will Dexter
Jiri Knobloch
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Carlos Barbosa Lima
Concerts in Lebanon
Antonio Arce
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee1001968/9-10Front Cover Picture (The Editor, Wilfrid M. Appleby)
"Guitar News" No. 100
Random Reminiscenses ...The Editor
Manuel Lopez Ramos ...Lee T. Dalton
Five Hundred Scarlatti Sonatas and the Guitar ...Harold Dench
Sergio and Eduardo Abreu ...Graham Wade
The Tarrega S.C.G., Dallas, Texas ...Marcia Jones
Redbridge Musical Festival, 1968
Turan-Mirza Kamal
Nicos Hamilothoris
American Guitar Society
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 16 ...Miguel Ablóniz
The Guitar in Lebanon
New Zealand
Dimitri Fampas
Guitar Students in Greece
The Peabody Guitar Ensemble ...Ruth Filby
Wangaratta Classical Guitar Group
Univers ity Appointment
Wigmore Hall Recital ...Josef Meller
Promenade Poetique
D. E. McConnell
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)1011968/11-12Front Cover Picture (Mexican Composer, Manuel Ponce)
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 17 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Guitar Week in Reisbach
Sacramento Lecture and Demonstration ...Robert A. Westerberg
Aquiles Valdez
"Brahms' Lullaby"
A guitar at the "Proms" ...Harold Dench
Joseph Ichkanian
Hector Garcia
Manuel Lopez Ramos Course
Eric Colon
Concert in Oklahoma
Ralph Freundlich
Antonio Losada
Wilbur Cotton
Albuquerque and Los Alamos
Santiago de Compostela
Alberto Falcone
British Competitive Music Festivals, 1969
Five Hundred Sonatas and the Guitar ...Harold Dench
Homenaje a Miguel Llobet
Mario Abril
Church Concert
Guido Margaria
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)1021969/1-2Front Cover Picture (Turibio Santos)
Turibio Santos
Duo Lisa Zoi – E. Assimacopoulos
Concours International de Guitare, ORTF (Paris) 1968
Andres Segovia ...Harold Dench
Ernesto Bitetti
Libra-and the Guitar ...W.M.A.
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Oscar Ghiglia
One Thing and Another ...Harold Dench
The Guitar in Colombia
Per-Olof Johnson 1968 Summer Course in Sweden ...Bertil Ingwaldson
Dimitri Fampas
Oscar Caceres
Alexandre Lagoya
Paris Guitar Contests 1969
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 18 ...Miguel Abloniz
Sydney, Australia ...Walter Schumacher
A New Guitar Song-Cycle
Duet Music for Guitar and a Keyboard Instrument ...Edibert Hertzog
Betho Davezac
Guitar on TV
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)1031969/3-5Front Cover Picture (Miguel Ablóniz)
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 19 ...Miguel Abloniz
T.V. Guitar Course in Norway
Lisa Hurlong
Forthcoming Events
Reisbach Guitar Course, 1969
Combined Recital
Alirio Diaz
Guitar in Lebanon
Jean Beudjekian
Segovia at Hartford, Conn.
Guitar at the Wedding
Angelo Gilardino
The Hampstead Guitar Society
Ernesto Bitetti
Virginia, U.S.A.
The Guitar Society of Colorado
Evangelos Boudounis
Rey de la Torre
Costa Proakis
The Guitarists' Programme ...Harold Dench
John Williams
Guitar Music
The Boston Guitar Guild
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)1041969/7-8Front Cover Picture (Andres Segovia)
Andres Segovia, Doctor of Music
Forthcoming Events
Concours International de Guitare, O.R.T.F., Paris, 1969
Mr. Magic ...W.M.A.
Fampas in Turkey
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 20 ...Miguel Ablóniz
News from Japan
Hampstead Guitar Society
Guitar on Austrian T.V.
Barcelona, Spain
Concert in Lebanon
Gramophone ...Harold Dench
Eric Colon
Spiro Thomatos
Behrend in Malta
Andres Segovia ...Guy B. Simeone
Definitions ...Harold Dench
Vrouyr Mazmanian
Tone Product ion on the Guitar ...David McConnell
Antonio Torres
The Athenian Guitar Duo
Concert at St. Laurent, Canada
Purley Guitar Society ...Margaret Barratt
Guitar History in Australia
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM1051969/9-10Front Cover Picture (Julian Bream)
Julian Bream Recital, Aldeburgh Festival ...A. Hyde-Clarke
12th Concours International de Guitare, 1970, Paris
Costas Cotsiolis
Tribute (poem) ...Dorothy Coke Gesuero
Memorizing ...David McConnell
Wilbur Cotton ...Evelyn Gancher
Athens Radio
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 21 ...Miguel Abloniz
David McConnell
Andres Segovia
John Williams
Fashion and Practice ...Harold Dench
Guido Margaria
4th International Contests in Milan
The Music of Roberto Gerhard
Duo Superb
Terry Usher
Busy Brazil
Antonio Carlos Barbosa-Lima
Society Meeting in Australia
Concerts in Finland
Adair and Sergio Assad ...Anne Closner
Harald Petersen
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)1061969/11-12Front Cover Picture (Norihiko Watanabe)
Contest in Paris
Norihiko Watanabe
Duo Costero-Beltran
Guitar Course at Reisbach, 1969
ORTF 1970 Concours
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 22 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Santiago de Compostela
Guitar Music
Sergio and Eduardo Abreu
David McConnell
Julian Bream in Japan
Debut in Boston ...Guy Simeone
Turibio Santos ...David McConnell
Dimitri Fampas
Cheltenham Festival Contest
Competitive Music Festivals ...Harold Dench
Manuel Lopez Ramos Guitar Course
lnternational Contest in Italy ...Miguel Ablóniz
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Oscar Ghiglia ...Harold Dench
Athenian Guitar Duo
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM1071970/1-3Front Cover Picture (Frederick Noad)
Frederick Noad
International Guitar Contest, Italy 1970
Segovia in Boston, U.S.A.
"A lad with the Stylish Guitar" ...L.S.
Loris Chobanian
Duo Concert
Rey de la Torre Master Class, 1969 ...John C. Tanno
Julian Bream
Duo Sicca-Fleres
Society's Talk on the History of the Guitar
Concours International ORTF de Guitare, 1970
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 23 ...Miguel Abloniz
Julian Byzantine ...David McConnell
Recital at Camden, U.S.A.
"G.R. 32" ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Carulli's 200th Anniversary
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Festival of Guitar Duos
Santangelo of Guernsey ( 1882-1970)
Historical Notes to a Tarrega Recital of 1888 ...Thomas F. Heck
Alessandria, Italy, 1969
Members' Announcements
Watch your Guitar!
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)1081970/4-6Front Cover Picture (The Athenian Duo)
The Athenian Duo
Oscar Ghiglia ...Roy Petschauer
Ernesto Bitetti
Concertos for Guitar ...Harold Dench
Orange County Guitar Circle
"Sarabande" by Poulenc (poem) ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Irma Costanzo
"Just like Daddy"
Andres Segovia ...Harold Dench
Leo Witoszynskyj ...David McConnell
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 24 ...Miguel Ablóniz
3rd International Guitar Course in Reisbach, Germany
Antonio Arce
Wilbur Cotton
Greek Guitarists
John Williams
Spiro Thomatos
Guitar Music
Alice Artz
David McConnell
Seiko Obara
FILEIGRA, Ophee(2)1091970/7-9Front Cover Picture (Greek Guitarist, Costas Cotsiolis)
Hail, Carlos!
Costas Cotsiolis
Longy School of Music
Joseph Ichkhanian
Karl Scheit in Sweden
The Athenian Duo in Seminar ...Kimball Williams
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Julian Bream Recital, Aldeburgh Festival, 1970 ...A. Hyde-Clarke
Corso and Concorso Alessandria, 1970
Rational Guitar Technique , Part 25 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Students' Concert
Concours International de Guitare, 1971 (Paris)
For the Gramophone
Per-Olof Johnson ...Bertil Ingwaldsen
David McConnell
Guitar History (book review) ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Boston S.C.G.
The George C. Krick C.G.G. of St. Louis
Concert in Finland
Chobanian in Concert
A Junior Guitar-Duo
Richard Johnson
Members' Announcements
Twenty-First "Viotti" Festival
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)1101970/10-12Front Cover Picture (Irini Konsta, Vicenzo Degni (centre) and Dimitri Fampas)
Milan Contest
Miguel Ablóniz 2nd Master-Class in U.S.A. ...Henry O. Dunn 6
Date of Birth – ?
Puerto Rico
Pampas on Vatican Radio
Music for Practice ...Harold Dench
Segovia plays Boccherini
Tribute to Vela Montoya
Guitar Music
Sergio and Eduardo Abreu
David McConnell
Weber to Webern
Forthcoming Recital
International Guitar Festival
Spiro Thomatos
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 26 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Conservatory Diploma
Members' Announcements
Duo Sicca-Fleres
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)1111971/1-3Front Cover Picture (Edi Moench)
Andres Segovia, forthcoming recitals in Britain
Three Young Guitarists
Athenian Guitar Duo
12th Concours International ORTF de Guitare, 1970
Miguel Llobet ...Juan Riera
Cheltenham Festival Contest, 1971
International Contest at Vercelli
Guitar Course, 1971
Music for Practice, Part II ...Harold Dench
Alfred Eric Street
Turibio Santos
John Williams' Guitar – with and without singer
John Edwards
Dik Visser
Sergio and Eduardo Abreu
Mario Beltran del Rio
Recitals in New York
London, Ontario, Canada
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 27 ...Miguel Abloniz
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Ernesto Bitetti
Third Contest in Alessandria, Italy
Members' Announcements
Leo Witoszynskyj
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)1121971/4-6Front Cover Picture (Thomas F. Heck)
A New Dissertation on the Guitar
Per-Olof Johnson
Guitar in Gothenburg
Josef Holecek
Music for Practice, Part Ill ...Harold Dench
John Arran
Contest in Japan
"The Obara Guitars"
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Cheltenham Town Hall
Purley Guitar Society
Manuel Lopez Ramos Guitar Course 1970
Guitar on Finnish Radio
The Bennett Guitar Concerto
Evangelos Boudounis
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 28 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Tewkesbury Abbey
Francisco Carbonell
Wellington, New Zealand
Members' Announcements
Course for Guitar Makers
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(2)1131971/7-9Front Cover Picture (Puerto Rican Guitarist, Federico A. Cordero)
Puerto Rico
ORTF Concours International de Guitare 1971
Julian Bream ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Patrick John Gamble (1928-71)
Hermann Hauser
John Mills
History and Design of Stringed Instruments–A New Look
Hollywood, California
The Athenian Guitar Duo
Seiko Obara
Alexandre Lagoya (Course)
Pavlos and Dimitris Cavouras
Turibio Santos ...Gerard Roussel
Music for Practice, Part IV ...Harold Dench
A Surprise for Segovia
"Recording of Special Merit"
Christopher Parkening ...Roy Petschauer
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 29 ...Miguel Abloniz
David E. McConnell
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)1141971/10-12Front Cover Picture (Austrian Guitarist, Konrad Ragossnig)
Konrad Ragossnig
Angelo Gilardino
1972 Guitar Concours, Paris
Mauro Giuliani, Birth and Death Dates Established ...Thomas F. Heck
Julian Bream
Dimitri Fampas
Patrick Gamble Memorial Concert
Purley Guitar Society ...P. J. S. Bromley-Barratt
Guitar Music
Classic Guitar Society of Auckland , N.Z.
"Romancero Gitano" –and a new guitarist
Pupils' Concert
For the Gramophone ...NOMAD
Plainfield , New Jersey
American Guitar Society
South Texas Guitar Society
Rene Bartoli
Jim Forrest
Concert by candle-light
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 30 ...Miguel Ablóniz
Music for Practice ...Harold Dench
Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama
Members' Announcements
FILEIGRA, LBM, Ophee(3)1151972/1-3Front Cover Picture (Guitar and Hammerklavier, The Duo Sicca-Fleres)
Duo Sicca-Fleres
The Dorigny-Ito Duo
Cheltenham Festival Contest, 1972
Miguel Ablóniz at Ithaca
Boris L. Volman (1895-1971) ...Arsene V. Popov
Leticia de Alba
News from Puerto Rico
Transcriptions – Guitarwise and Otherwise ...Vahdah Olcott Bickford
Santiago Navascues
Music for Practice, Part VI ...Harold Dench
Betho Davezac
Leonardo Egurbida
Alfonso Moreno
S.C.G. Concert
Ernesto Bitetti
Recitals in Russia ...Arsene V. Popov
Rational Guitar Technique, Part 30-A ...Miguel Ablóniz
The Villa-Lobos Museum International Guitar Competition
Evangelos Boudounis
Vancouver Guitar Society
David McConnell
Members' Announcements
FILELBM, Ophee(3)1161972/4-6Front Cover Picture (George Sakellariou)
George Sakellariou
Honour for Andres Segovia
Forthcoming Concerts
Guitar Fingering ...Miguel Abloniz
Dimitri Fampas
13th Concours International de Guitare, 1971
Alice Artzt
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
For the Gramophone ...NOMAD
Omar Atreo – Graciela Cazenave
The Bibliography of the Guitar ...Egberto Eloy Santos
Ernesto Cordero
David E. McConnell
Maria Luisa Anido
Elias Barreiro
Ronoel Simoes
Alessandria, Italy
Federico A. Cordero
Guernsey, Channel Islands
Edward Bishop
Guitar Music
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM, Ophee1171972/7-12Front Cover Picture (Argentine Guitarist, Ernesto Bitetti)
Ernesto Bitetti
Cecil Day-Lewis
Round-the-World Guitar
American String Teachers' Association
Andres Segovia
Segovia's Engagements in Britain
Guitar Music
Josef Holecek
Byron P. Tomingas
Lost Horizons ...Harold Dench
For the Gramophone ...NOMAD
Villa-Lobos Festival
Concours International, Paris, 1972
Thomas Hartman
Fampas Students in Concert
Guitar Fingering (2) ...Miguel Ablóniz 14
Sergio and Eduardo Abreu
First Performance
Ako Ito and Henry Dorigny
Pupils' Concert in Canada
Poetry and Music
David McConnell
Auckland, New Zealand
Lucky New York
Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society
Miguel Rubio
The Classic Guitar Society of Michigan
Houston Classic Guitar Society
Members' Announcements
FILEDGA, LBM1181972/10-12Front Cover Picture (Rey de la Torre)
Rey de la Torre
Per-Olof Johnson ...Bertil lngwaldsen
Book Review ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
When was Segovia born? ...Wi!frid M. Appleby
Evangelos Boudounis
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Forthcoming Concerts
Ithaca College 1972 Course
Lebanon Guitars
International Study Conference ...Stella Simonsen
Ladies' Guitar Ensemble
For the Gramophone
Anthea Gifford ...Harold Dench
Julian Bream ...W.M.A.
Guitar Fingering (3) ...Miguel Abloniz
Technique versus Tradition ...Harold Dench
Duo Santos-Caceres
Milwaukee Classical Guitar Society ...Sue Koehler
Guitarists at the Acropolis
Exartiinations in Guernsey
Carlos Barbosa-Lima
Members' Announcements
Madison Classic Guitar Society ...Michael Newman
FILEDGA, IGRA, LBM1191973/1-3Front Cover Picture (Doctor of Music, Andres Segovia)
"The Supreme Guitarist – A New Orpheus" ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Winning Guitar
The Athenian Guitar Duo
No Teacher Available ...Guy B. Simeone
14th Concours International de Guitare
Mobile, Alabama
Forthcoming Concerts
Cheltenham Festi al Contest, 1973
Watford Music Festival
Students in Greece
Guitar Fingering (4) ...Miguel Ablóniz
John Williams in Iceland ...Trausti Thorberg
Guitar Pedagogy Comes of Age
Haydn Quartet
Music in Connecticut
Lagoya in Canada
American Guitar Society
Concerts in Prague ...Willy Matausch
Guitar Music
The Modern Music Scene Part l ...Harold Dench
Cheltenham Classic Guitar Circle
Book Review ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
Menuhin-Abreu Duet
The Class ic Guitar Society of Auckland, N.Z.
The Wade-Eker Duo ...Wilfrid M. Appleby
5th Contest International 'Citta di Alessandria'
Members' Announcements and Students' Concert
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