Emilia Giuliani opera omnia – Federica Artuso 2CD

Published by Robert Coldwell on

Federica Artuso has just released a 2 CD recording of the complete works of Emilia Giuliani on Tactus Records.

Nicoletta Confalone and Federica Artuso have also created a wonderful video on YouTube mixing performance and history.

The 2CD’s have all the compositions from the book on Emilia Giuliani that Nicoletta Confalone and I published in 2013. Our publication is now out of print but is still available in a digital edition. We had planned to release a second edition with new biographical information discovered by Gerhard Penn, but as no additional music has been found we have not started on the second edition. If there is interest in the reprinting the paper edition I will possibly do a limited run. The digital edition is always available.


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