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Between 1973 and 1979 Ruth and Jerry Mock self published a magazine focused on the classic guitar called Creative Guitar International (CGI).

All issues are online posted by the editor.

Creative Guitar International online.

1111973 FallA new era of duo guitarists? Playing and practicing as a team
A romantic Bach. Review of Costcro-Beltrán disc
Teaching problems: Parents. Working with children
Contemporary concerto.
About papers by Heck, Chobanian
Guitar with cello. An unusual combination
A Hollywood composition. By James Stewart of Hollywood
ASTA meeting, letters
1221974 WinterGuitar in Mexico. A first hand account
A French triumph. Concours results
Contest in Yugoslavia. Pieces listed
Training for classroom. Paper by Petschauer
Teaching problems: Materials.Using methods: chamber music listed
A guitar fiesta. Honors Stephen Austin
Guitar, lute, voice featured. Review by Grete Dollitz
Schedule of events
From our readers
il "Fronimo". About Italian publication
Reviews. Guitar-voice collection
1331974 SpringGuitar on campus. Merits, drawbacks of conservatory training discussed.
Teacher symposium. Cleveland meet plans
Segovia. Bibliography reviewed concert. Michael Wright's reviews
Sinfonia Concertino. Report on a new work
Schedule of events
Teaching problems: Materials, Part 2. Ruth Mock on taping, technique and duos-trios
Concours finals, French contest candidates
No small responsibility. Pat Read on artist management
Guitar in Mexico; Part 2. About composers, music and guitar makers
Sor for fourth graders. Grete Dollitz takes guitar to classroom
Ragtime classics.Review of new music
Questionnaire. Replies to CGI inquiry
2141974 FallLet's give the kids a break. Musical greats; Talent or opportunity
Guitarist with a purpose. About Scott Tennant
In lieu of a review. In search of the 6th string.
Some curious omissions. Grove's bibliography
Um pa la a. How to end counting problems
Practicable practice. John Robert's booklet
Guitar repair: Finish touch-ups, matching colors
Chamber group backs Romeros. Events
Interesting excursions. Music reviews
Workshops. Advice from Beltrán
Guitar on campus
Strictly guitar. Radio program
First graduate. Washington program Records; Review of Lopez Ramos disc
2251975 WinterWar brought nylon strings by Frank Wagner
On sources of music
Sources: Tablatures by Dr. Thomas Greer
Sources: Libraries by Marilyn Nicely
Reviews: Bream in concert by Michael Wright
Stravinsky on four guitars by Colin Cooper
Music: Some transcriptions by Ruth Mock
Records: Soloists together
Brandon: New performer
Pedagogy: More about the needs of children; On breathing, muscular tension; Fingering: Room to improve Publications received: On care of nails
Catgut Acoustical Society Newsletter
Compositions: 'Apuntes' for four guitars
Repair: Cracks near bridge by Neil Pennington
Schedule of events France, Mexico, Hong Kong; Poland, USA
Letters: Australian Illness
Hong Kong, London; Japan
On campus: Peabody offerings; Butler University; University of Vermont
2361975 SpringGuitar ensemble
Grants available
Giuliani: A new look (by Ruth Mock)
Earliest sources (by Michael J. Decker)
Bartok and Tansman: Modern pieces for study (by Charles Richard)
New method deals with technique
Baroque style (by Pamela Lipscomb)
Classic guitar background (by John Chizmazia)
Current discography (by John W. Tanno)
Book traces history (by Graham Wade)
Publications received
Two men, a girl and a garage (how Guitar began) (by Colin Cooper)
The sound and the strings (the physics of strings) (by Frank Wagner)
String close-ups (photos of D string, magnified 85, 850, 1700 times)
Construction: Vibrating back (by Colin Cooper)
Repair: For average player
Schedule of events
Concerto soloist in England (Wade performs Selby work)
On wasted movement (Brandon on technique)
Reflections during chicken pox (Beltrdn review) (by Kati Massey)
Work in Mexico City counts toward degree
View from a store window (promoting classic guitar) (by Grete Dollitz)
A German approach (pedagogy)
Teaching course in duo form
Letter from England (events in 1975) (by Graham Wade)
Letters: Australian music standards, kangaroos (by Bill Mitchell) Score used discreetly during performance; Wanted:sources for guitar music; 'Baroque recital' excludes original works; CGI listed by Gendai Guitar; Peabody offers graduate degree; Syllables compatible with music;Two major centers in Poland; Program in Hong Kong; Different style needed for guitar songs; Working guitarist travels U.S. and Canada; Tennant plays for Greek Festivals; Works about Andres Segovia
Classic guitar teacher directory
Team teaching at Cincinnati
Course for educators in Houston
Technical assistance, Jim Lipscomb and Pamela Lipscomb.
3171975 FallOmega Quartet: New directions
Biberian: Probing rehearsals Mangore revival timely ...Gilbert Biberial
Barrios: Modern troubador ...Colin Cooper
Carrillo after 100 years ...John Ford
Facsimile of Carrillo manuscript Review; Bone unrevised
Composing around a fret ...John D. Roberts
Prelude ...Reed Maxson, Ruth Mock
Counting outdated?
An Ark lark; Music, art center
Teacher's aid
Current discography ...John W. Tanno
Guitar in Poland ...Frank Wagner
Events: Holland, Palma de Mallorca, Colorado Society competition; Angel Arellano Gonzalez performs in Mexico; Grants for Guitar Workshop.
On campus: Music, art offered; Universities: Roosevelt, Pan American, Idaho, Denver, Southwest Missouri
Letter from England ...Graham Wade
Letters: Performance risks ...Paul Hinrichs
Teacher directory: Want ads
Letters: Hong Kong attendance good; Travels from Singapore for performance; Program in Sweden, Children tested in Germany; Lute Society librarian; One-day festival; Carmel program reset
Books on guitar building; Lopategui of Spain records Sor
3281976 WinterAlirio Diaz: Venezuelan Virtuoso ...Richard Stover
Duarte: Composer and Critic
Carlos Bonell: British Guitarist ...Colin Cooper
Carrillo: Music Pioneer ...John Ford
Music in the Mountains ...Grete Dollitz
More about strings ...Frank Wagner
Clean hands, strings help (Photo essay)
South Americans Win (French, Mallorca contests);
Mario Beltran performs, gives pointers.
Japanese Marathon ...Colin Cooper
Thinking machine
Explorations for beginners (review of music); Guitar with a temper
Body language (communicating with the audience)
Publications: Australia (Poland, England, U.S.)
Guitar in Russia ...Frank Wagner
On Campus: Berklee
Current Discography: Bream as Co-Performer John W. Tanno
Classic Guitar Teacher Directory
Letter From England: Legendary Segovia ...Graham Wade
Letters: Pointers for the Chinese community; Another Barrios; Classic banjo; Reading Society; Want ads
3391976 SpringSyllabuses Show Variety (England, Australia, Canada, Mexico)
The Original Classic Guitar (A 1776 Manuscript)
Portions of Explicación ...Translated by Salvador Flores
On Playing and Singing ...Frederic Chrislip
Shearer Cites Guitarist Failures
London Lectures ...Colin Cooper
Carrillo's Sonido Trece ...John Ford
John Ford With Quarter-Tone Guitar (photo)
Developing Sight-Reading ...Reed Maxson
Current Discography ...John W. Tanno
Boston Area Ensemble; Guitar Publications Received (Seattle, Colorado, Houston)
Ensemble Music Available (Source, program notes)
The Mock Family Guitar Ensemble (photo)
A Bibliography of Music for Four Guitars (26 Works WithPub.)
Music Editions Varied ...Michael Decker
Croucher Pieces Unusual
Composer's Comments ...Harold Bellman Green
Polish Work Award Winner; Sonata Provides Repertoire Contrast; More about Mangore (Schedule of Events)
Duo Performs (Letter From Michigan) ...Scott Tennant
Precision Displayed ...Grete Dollirz
Problems of Repertoire (Letter From England) ...Graham Wade
On American Traditions (Letters)
Builder Prefers Classic Guitars; Biberian Clarifies Playing Position; Mallorca Guitar Group Active
Segovia Ends Teaching Project With drawingby Martha White
Thoughts on Practice ...Pat Read
Printing Influences Cover; Teacher Directory; Want Ads
Mock Family Concert Schedule
41101976 FallAmerican Guitar Music: Some Notes on a Forgotten Repertoire ...Peter Danner
How to Collect Solo Records ...John W. Tanno
A Basic Library of Solo Classic Guitar Recordings Currently Available ...John W. Tanno
Interview with Rodrigo Riera ...Richard Stover
List of music and discography on Riera Guitar in England ...Richard Stover, Ruth and Jerry Mock
Three Sizes of Guitars, with photo showing regular, requinto and tercerola guitars
Back Issues Available, listing contents of back issues
How to Get, Promote Concert. Contains suggestions for both artist and sponsor on how to arrange and put on a program
Wide Repertoire Listed. Second of a series on syllabuses in England, Australia and Mexico. Includes biographical sketch of Leo Brouwer and photo by Wynn Smith
List of music used for teaching in grades 3 and 4 (lower intermediate)
Madison Group Organizes. Includes photo of Michael Wright who has applied for certification as a guitar teacher ...Michael Wright
Society items from Melbourne, Australia; Seattle; Houston
Sor's Daughter Performed at 8. About Sor in Warsaw ...Frank Wagner
Sor Studies Recorded. Review of a new record by Jose Lopategui
Polish Music Lyrical. Reviews of music by Stanislaw Mroriski and a transcription of music by Karl Kohaut ...Reed Maxson
Reviews of music by Lance Bosman and a book by Lois Shishido
Good Technique, Boyish Smile. Review of a recital by Scott Tennant with picture of Tennant (p. 33) ... Ruth Mock
Festival Planned in Martinique; Bonell to Make Ensemble Recording (By Colin Cooper)
Almeida Follows Premier of His Work; Eastman Awards Summer Scholarships
Letter From England: Bream Event
Duarte Conceals Publisher Names
Practice Injures Hand
Classic Guitar Teacher Directory
Petschauer Urges Ensemble Programs
42111977 WinterBehrend a versatile artist (Bavarian pictures and interview) ...Jerry Mock
Bibliography of Behrend's ensemble compositions
How to collect guitar records: Part 2: The Duo ...John W. Tanno
A basic listing of duo guitar recordings currently available ...John W. Tanno
Reading 20th century guitar music ...Reed Maxson
Harmonic overtone notation for guitar ...Michael Wright
A plain and simple introduction: Of lutes and lute music ...Peter Danner
Mandolin, guitar compatible
Music collections for ensemble with guitars ...Tillman Schafer
Letter from Juan Ruano Balada, secretario, Pena Guitarristica Tdrrega, Barcelona, Espana
Instrument enters new stage ...Gilbert Biberian
Starting society easy
Letter from London: Workshop stresses listening ...Colin Cooper
Picture of Omega Guitar Quartet
Schedule of events, future
recent events: Paris Concours, Yepes in Melbourne
Syllabuses set competency levels
Syllabus summary: Grade 5
London teacher writes tutor
Physical check of student's guitar; Recent publications: New duo by Green, Booklet on suppliers available.
Catgut Newsletter articles; Classic Guitar Teacher Directory; Want ads
Sor for voice, guitar; New program devoted to guitar; Film about luthiers
43121977 SpringGuitar ensembles—a German composer tells of the gitarrenchor—a modern
version of guitar ensemble—and its music ...Konrad Wölki
Photo of Pampuch family showing octave guitar
Illustration of method to notate octave guitar music for requinto
How to collect guitar records: Part 3: Chamber music ...John W. Tanno
A basic listing of guitar-chamber music discs ...John W. Tanno
Guitar in Majorca ...Jerry Mock
Photo of Michael Bold with South American charangos
Harmonic overtone notation for guitar: Part II ...Michael F. Wright
Can finger squeaks be conquered?
Publications: New music; Received; Recent
On recycling strings, etc. ...Grete F. Dollitz
Violin varnish: A feasible approach to preserving guitars and improving their tone ...Thomas Greer
Brouwer - Villa-Lobos link (Letter from London) ...Colin Cooper
Comparing sound quality
Colin Cooper: A self portrait (illustration)
A plain and simple introduction to lutes and lute music ...Peter Danner
Bream plays Henze work (Letter from England) ...Graham Wade
Syllabus series: Grade VI (Technical material oganized)
Reading 20th century guitar music: Part II ...Reed Maxson
Guitar choir courses: Madison, Providence, Aiken; Coming events
Ensemble suggestions
Classic guitar teacher directory; Want ads
Requinto uses; Avoids a finger
51131977 FallLaval program includes trio. Story of Québec university program By Ruth and Jerry Mock
One solution to harmonic notation for instrument By Michael Wright
Story about string noise results in reaction
Sor footsteps retraced. (Review of new book by Brian Jeffery)
An unlikely story
Poem by Colin Cooper
Old fretted instruments varied. Third of a series on lute family By Peter Danner
Classical Guitar Society of Long Island By Scott Bach
Publications received: Long Island; Austin; San Francisco; Catgut Society
Reviews: 4-guitar music growing
More pieces for small hands
More practical study size. (Segovia book)
Renaissance pieces revisited By Peter Danner
Proportions on guitar pose problem for experts By Colin Cooper
Syllabus music for Grade 7 listed
Collecting avant-garde records By John W. Tanno
Classical troubadour. Chrislip tells of playing positions, repertoire, Berlioz
Reading 20th century guitar music: Practicing scales, dynamics, timbres By Reed Maxson
Good advice ? For a puzzled transcriber By Colin Cooper
Peter Sensier remembered for many things By Colin Cooper
Classic Guitar Teacher Directory
Want Ads
52141978 WinterImprovising on the classic guitar. First of a series By Ron Manzanero
Fretted instrument specialist for Chicago Symphony: Interview with Frederic Chrislip, Part II
Avant-Garde Record Selections By John Tanno
A Selected Discography of Avant-Garde Records By John Tanno
Mocking Word: Requinto String Suggestion By Jerry Mock
Alpine Regional Guitar Choir: First in U.S. ? By Ruth Mock
A Visit to the Martin Plant By Scott Bach
Suggestions for a critic.
Final syllabus story
Grade 8 Pieces
Letter from London: Bream Master Classes By Colin Cooper
Buffalo Guitar Quartet 32 Score 3-1, and Everybody Wins. Review of Concert by Yoghourtjian Trio By Michael Wright
Erdmann's Nocturno Deserves Performances
Music for Guitar and Piano
Flamenco Classic
Lute passage Explained
Classic Guitar Teacher Directory
Want Ads
53151978 SpringSome tuning methods
Tenosynovitis: A musician's problem By P. A. Morgenroth
Mocks, Berlin groups set joint concerts. Includes photo of Kaps with Steglitzer ensemble
Left hand: Dominant or subdominant? Support for left-handed players By Colin Cooper
Publications received: About a "legato, legato"
Improvisation: Playing along a string. 2nd of series By Ron Manzanero
Two-chord progression which can be recorded
A plain and simple introduction to lutes and lute music: The Vihuela. 4th of a series By Peter Danner
Mangore poem recalls war
Mangore. Poem by Andrés Eloy Blanco
Mangore Translated by Marilyn Nicely
Brazilian Macedo performs, composes
Reviews: Quebec music varied
To applaud or not to applaud By Michael Wright
The Mocking Word: Wade performs concerto
Teacher directory
Want ads
161978-79 Fall-WinterMusician first, says Toronto winner Holmquist
Swedish settings unique; a guitar tour of Sweden
Photo of Lundquist and altguitar
Drawing of Swedish girl with lur by Melody Mock
Photos of altguitar, nyckelharpa, and salon at Satra Brunn
Photo of Skattungbyn church
Biberian interview--Toronto emphasis: hands and fingers
Photo of Biberian
Parkening a conservationist, by Scott Bach, with photo of Parkening and Bach
Letter from London: 'La Leone' by Colin Cooper
Second Barrios festival
Macedopiece published
Recordagoes, by Norberto Macedo (music)
Music reviews
Suite dedicated to Holmquist (by McGuire)
Bolcom's Seasons a landmark
New works on guitar theory
Music of Amerindia
18 Almeida pieces
Rossimani in entirety
Baroque Spanish music; Brescianello Partita pleasant; Roncalli neglected composer
Behrend edits studies; Scarlatti balanced, playable; Children's songs of Bartok, Kodaly
Bach in D minor; Duo with accordion
Carulli for a change; Boccherini quintets move
Guitar, a poem By Graham Wade
How do little children learn music, by Fran Schick (with photo)
Improvisation: diagonal playing By Ron Manzanero
Foot rest alternative
Computer search By Frank Wagner
171979 Spring-SummerBiberian: Our generation's turn
Klug patient director
Photos of Wuppertal group and town hall concert
Bavarian workshop performance
Drawing by Behrend
Annotated list of guitar choir music
Photo of Gerda Wolki with Berliner Lautengilde
Kaps active composer
Guitars adorn Berlin museum walls
Photos of guitars in Berlin museum
Guitar not yet spectator sport, Letter From London by Colin Cooper
Publications received: Zupf musik -Gitarre
Harris Herald, Guitar Guild Newsletter
Guitarist Leonard veteran teacher, professor
Improvisation: chord progression given by Ron Manzanero
Friedel writes for variety of instruments, with photo of Friedel
Beginner music reviewed
New music: Behrend's Meditation unusual
"Jesse James" for solo guitar
Miniatures retain Scottish flavor
Latin rhythms in a contemporary setting
Altered Giuliani Concerto, unaltered
Rags for guitar; Finnish pieces; sketches of Segovia
Wade records pieces
Computer search by Frank Wagner
Want ads, teacher directory, Dauphinaisad
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