Works by Francesco Calegari

This table represents the most complete catalog of works by Francesco Calegari. Not much detail about his life is known besides his works and a single concert advertised for July 24, 1815 in Leipzig. He published most of his works with opus numbers through Hofmeister in Leipzig, beginning in 1813 and none appear after 1818. He seems to have returned to Florence in 1818 as his only work for guitar was published by Ricordi that year. Ricordi lists music for piano published by an F. Calegari from 1827 through 1838 but it is unknown whether this is the same composer.


The works of C. W. Schmölzl

Not much is known about C. W. Schmölzl other than he was a municipal employee in Augsburg who was the teacher of Eduard Bayer. It doesn’t appear that he published more than a few pieces but there are a large number of manuscripts in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Some of them have been digitized.

Daniel Marx has published an edition of opus 4 Introduction und Variationen über “einem Solo-Steyrer Jodler.”