S. Brainard’s Sons

In the March 1876 issue of Brainard’s Musical World, the editors reprinted articles about their new business location at 341 and 343 Euclid Avenue in Cleveland. The articles came from the Cleveland Daily Herald, the Cleveland Daily Leader, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. An engraving of the front of the building appeared in the March 1876 issue, an engraving of the retail department appeared in May 1876, and an engraving of the Piano Parlors appeared in June 1876. In January 1879 a consolidated article was published in Brainard’s Musical World as appears below.


Luigi Legnani’s Missing Opus 9

An updated English version of my article on Luigi Legnani’s missing opus 9 has been published by Soundboard Scholar. The original version was first published in Italian in il Fronimo n. 194 in April 2021 and in Japanese in Gendai Guitar n. 696 September 2021. A full facsimile of the original Legnani opus 9 edition is included with the article.