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Based on a discussion in the Guitar Summit mailing list I am posting links to online guitar research resources.

Guitar Foundation of America Online Research Resources
This is a very comprehensive list of research resources compiled by Thomas Heck.

The Gale Database
18th and 19th c. English newspapers and periodicals, 19th c. US newspapers, and a whole lot of other sources that are of less interest to most of us; all searchable. An invaluable resource. The problem is that access is restricted and is quite expensive unless you are associated to a British academic institution or some other institution subscribing to the databases. (Erik Stenstadvold)

Caecilia, eine Zeitschrift für die musikalsche Welt
A German musical periodical, 1824-1848. Important for its regular advertisements by German music publishers of new publications. Free access, but not searchable. (Erik Stenstadvold)

Searchable books, periodicals and imagery from the Bibliothèque nationale de France. (Jan de Kloe)

Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog
This is not so much a guitar related research tool, but a wonderful timesaver for searching libraries in multiple countries. (Robert Coldwell)

ANNO – AustriaN Newspapers Online
Wiener Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung (1817-1824), Blätter für Musik, Theater und Kunst (1855-1873), Deutsche Musik-Zeitung (1874-1901), Neue Wiener Musik-Zeitung (1852-1860), Österreichische Musik- und Theaterzeitung (1888-1905). (Robert Coldwell)

Hofmeister Monatsberichte online
Beginning in 1829 the Leipzig music publisher Friedrich Hofmeister began printing monthly lists of of music in print. The National Library of Austria has digital scans of all issues between 1829 and 1947. (Robert Coldwell)

Hofmeister XIX
The Hofmeister XIX project, which began in 1989, will convert the Monatsberichte from their current fragmentary and user-hostile state into a searchable, internet-based database on open access to scholars. (Robert Coldwell)

Hemeroteca Digital
Digital library of Biblioteca Nacional de España. (Robert Coldwell)

American Ancestors
Non-institutional access to the 19th Century U.S. Newspapers and American Newspapers, Series I 1690-1876databases. (Robert Coldwell)

S. S. Stewart’s Banjo and Guitar Journal
A 15 year run of this American journal held at the University of Rochester. (Robert Coldwell)


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