Yablokov M.S. – “Classic guitar in Russia and the USSR” (1992)

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The large encyclopedia of Russian guitar has been made publicly available in PDF format at vk.com by Sergey Bizin.

Classic guitar in Russia and the USSR (1992)


Sergey’s original post I’ll add here below translated by DeepL:

Today I am glad to present you the result of my work, which lasted quite a long time – 1 year and 3 months.
During this time, the translation of the legendary book into electronic form was made

Yablokov M.S. – “Classic guitar in Russia and the USSR” (1992)

The work was done with the permission of the author, Mikhail Yablokov, who also approved the free publication of his book online in a personal telephone conversation with me.
I would like to say a lot about our colleagues here, without whom this work would have been either impossible or extremely difficult:
Sergey Ivanov (Novokuznetsk) and Igor Shramko (St. Petersburg) provided the initial materials (books);
Gorbunov Mikhail (Moscow), Makarov Grigory – I consulted them on the technique of postscanning image processing.
I am very grateful to all of them for their selfless and friendly cooperation.
Thanks also to those who were aware of the ongoing work and supported me with their periodically expressed interest in its results.
Now the result is at your disposal!
I wish you interesting and informative reading!

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