Napoléon Coste: Composer and Guitarist in the Musical Life of 19th-Century Paris

The latest publication from DGA Editions is now available! This is an updated version of the biography from Ari van Vliet’s two-volume dissertation on Coste. It includes many edits, improved photos and some additional information. The print edition includes the same CD that was available with the dissertation. There is a digital edition available which does not include CD, but it can be purchased separately from CD Baby.


Morishige Takei films

Morishige Takei was a lover of film in addition to the guitar and mandolin. He entered several film competitions, although I don’t currently have much details about his film work other than the films I was allowed to copy from his daughter in 1997. I have uploaded all of them to YouTube. I believe these were all taken in the 1930’s.


The Takei Collection and a Brief History of Morishige Takei

During recent discussions with the Kunitachi College of Music (Tokyo) librarians I learned they plan to catalog the Takei Collection and post the list on their website. I don’t know the schedule for their plans, but it is good to know it is in progress. I visited the library with Jun Sugawara sometime in 1996-97 with only a short list in hand and I was not allowed to see the collection directly. I have a number of articles on the collection published around the time it was given to Kunitachi and when I have time I’ll post translations. (more…)

Der Guitarrefreund

The German guitar journal published by the Gitarristischen Vereinigung in Munich from 1900 to 1931 was known for the first few issues just as “Mitteilungen des Internationalen Guitarristen–Verbands (e.V.)” but then soon gained the name “Der Guitarrefreund.” In 1910 it was changed to “Der Gitarrefreund.”