1 February 1810 – 5 December 1890 Санкт-Петербургские Ведомости [Sankt-PeterburgskieVedomosti]. N.78, 5 April 1856 (pages 442-443) Программа конкурса на премии за лучшие сочинения для гитары и за наилучшие сделанные гитары     В числе музыкальных инструментов, которые изгнаны из огромной семьи оркестровых— находится гитара. Read more…

Napoléon Coste: Composer and Guitarist in the Musical Life of 19th-Century Paris

The latest publication from DGA Editions is now available! This is an updated version of the biography from Ari van Vliet’s two-volume dissertation on Coste. It includes many edits, improved photos and some additional information. The print edition includes the same CD that was available with the dissertation. There is a digital edition available which does not include CD, but it can be purchased separately from CD Baby.


Morishige Takei films

Morishige Takei was a lover of film in addition to the guitar and mandolin. He entered several film competitions, although I don’t currently have much details about his film work other than the films I was allowed to copy from his daughter in 1997. I have uploaded all of them to YouTube. I believe these were all taken in the 1930’s.


The Takei Collection and a Brief History of Morishige Takei

During recent discussions with the Kunitachi College of Music (Tokyo) librarians I learned they plan to catalog the Takei Collection and post the list on their website. I don’t know the schedule for their plans, but it is good to know it is in progress. I visited the library with Jun Sugawara sometime in 1996-97 with only a short list in hand and I was not allowed to see the collection directly. I have a number of articles on the collection published around the time it was given to Kunitachi and when I have time I’ll post translations. (more…)