Alexander Weinmann – publishing catalogs

Below is a list of all of Alexander Weinmann’s “Beiträge zur Geschichte des Alt-Weiner Musikverlages” series for easy reference. His books document the output by date and plate number of many important Viennese publishers. His papers are housed in the David M. Rubinstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University. Many well-known (and unknown) guitarists’ publications can be researched in this series.

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Luigi Ricca collection

The Luigi Ricca collection has been added to the Archive Search. While the Ricca collection itself has quite a bit of music, only the guitar related works have been added to the archive. While the guitar music was digitized it was distributed on DVD and is not available on the web to my knowledge. The preview images and data were given to me by my friend and colleague Marco Bazzotti.

Use this link as a shortcut to view all the new items from the Ricca collection.

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