A. T. Huerta Life and Works: new research

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With the book “A. T. Huerta Life and Works” I wrote with Javier Suárez-Pajares in 2006 out of print (digital edition still available) and no current plans for a second edition, I will post information here about new music and information that has been discovered about Huerta.

Divorce libel 1825

Huerta married on May 24, 1824 a very young pianist, Sabina Meucci,who was the daughter of Antonio Meucci, a miniature painter. The Meucci family arrived in the US from Italy as early as 1821 based on advertisements for painting classes in Charleston, SC newspapers. Sabina’s exact age at her time of marriage is unclear although it is certain she was very young. Huerta and Sabina often performed together after their marriage.

The details of the newspaper announcements of Sabina’s divorce libel are in the book, but the actual court document was not reproduced so I will share it here. What is not in the court document is a note in the Record Book volume 1826, Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County on page 227: docket #93 Huerta v. Huerta: And now neither party appearing it is ordered that this libel be dismissed.

Sabina’s life after Huerta

To be continued…

Additional music by Huerta

Additional Portraits

Señor Huerta of Orihuela, Valencia, playing a Guitar, 1829 (pencil on paper). Attributed to George Cumberland (1754-1848). In Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Reference to this portrait was found in Andrew Britton’s 2010 dissertation “The Guitar in the Romantic Period: its musical and social development, with special reference to Bristol and Bath” page 355. Cumberland helped organize one of Huerta’s first concerts in Bristol in 1829.



1 Bristol Mirror, 13 Feb 1830, page 3 “The admirers of the Spanish Guitar had a musical treat in the excellent performance of our townsman, Pratten, at a select party, on Kingsdown, a few evenings since. His execution of Riego’s March, in imitation of Huerta, was admirable. Weber’s last waltz, as arranged by Pratten for the guitar, was very effective, and replete with all the original harmony.”


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