Luigi Legnani, Catalogo tematico delle edizioni a stampa per e con chitarra by Marco Mustardino

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Marco Mustardino published a series of articles 2009 in il Fronimo titled “Luigi Rinaldo Legnani: catalogo tematico delle prime opere a stampa per Chitarra. [Luigi Rinaldo Legnani: thematic catalog of early printed works for Guitar].” This covered first editions and was the first detailed catalog of Legnani’s works.

Marco has updated his catalog to include newly discovered works and also document the numerous editions of Legnani’s works. Legnani often published the same work with multiple publishers at different times and with different dedicatees. This book is the only fully documented catalog of Legnani’s works.

The book is available in print and PDF versions at the Aracne Editrice website.

Considered by Paganini to be the most skilled guitarist of the time, Luigi Legnani was among the most beloved performers of his time: a multifaceted and astonishing virtuoso character, he was able to expertly interpret the classical aesthetics of the 19th century, making himself appreciated not least for his compositional qualities . Also in light of the new acquisitions, the publications for guitar (first editions and reprints) are ordered with careful expertise in this thematic catalogue, which contributes to underlining Legnani’s imposing artistic personality, providing researchers and performers with the possibility of having a basis for methodical and in-depth consultation.

Aracne Editrice

Marco Mustardino, “Luigi Rinaldo Legnani: catalogo tematico delle prime opere a stampa per Chitarra.”

  • il Fronimo n. 147, July 2009 – Part one
  • il Fronimo n. 148, October 2009 – Part two


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