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Guitarra magazine was published in Chicago by Antigua Casa Sherry-Brener Inc. from 1963 through 1987. It appears not to have been published from 1969 to 1978.

The content list and files were sourced from the website archives on’s Wayback Machine. The archives are incomplete so I have posted everything that I was able to collect. Any dates or issue numbers where there aren’t contents are just best guesses on my part since I don’t have access to all published issues. There are a few libraries which seem to have large numbers of issues so I won’t list all the sources. It appears that Sherry-Brener ceased business in August 2019.

Published dates: 1963-1987

Total number of issues: 69


archive.org11963/3-4Vicenti Escudero "The Eternal Gypsy"
Flamenco Frontiers:Nino Bernardo
Biography of an Andalucian Composer
Flamenco Frontiers:G. Ricardo Fusco
Guitar Workshop
The Sound of Serrano
Clasicos Revista
Segovia and Guitar are Inseparable Words
Biography of a Luthier: Jose Ramirez, III
Guitar Description: Ramirez Classical Guitar
Biography of Composer Isaac Albeniz
archive.org21963/5-6Biography of a Guitarist: Ramon Salazar Montoya
Guitar Events
History of the Spanish Flamenco Guitar Program
The Spanish Flamenco Guitar
The Feminine Side of Flamenco: Cuevas Rodigues, Ma
Biography of a Guitarist: Castro, Fabian
Miguel Llobet Plays the Guitar
Guitar Views from Andres Segovia
Biography of a Guitarist: Regino Sainz de la Maza
The Artistry of James Yoghurtjian
Biography of a Luthier: Enrique Garcia Castillo
The Fantastic Mr. Mavreas
archive.org31963/7-8Critic at Large
Flamencos Revista: Jose Marquez and Josela Velasco
Biography of a Luthier: Santos Hernandez
Santos Hernandez Flamenco Guitar
Biography of a Guitarist
Flamenco Frontiers: Jose Maria De Giebra
Flamenco Frontiers: Campillo Garcia
Flamenco Frontiers: Francisco Escude
Flamenco Frontiers: Vincente Gilabert
Flamenco Frontiers: Currito De La Geroma
Clasicos Revista: Laurindo Almeida
Presti and Lagoya
Biography of a Guitarist: Julio Martinez Oyanguren
Biography of a Composer: Federico Moreno Torroba
Humidity and the Guitar
Cortez Melchior and Manuel Martinez Garcia
archive.org41963/9-10Flamencos Revista: Zambra Sheet Music
Flamenco Frontiers: Rafael Marin
Flamenco Frontiers: Flamenco in Wichita
Biography of a Guitarist: Paco Lucena
Clasicos Revista: Anido Gonzales Isabel Maria Luis
Biography of a Luthier: Domingo Esteso Lopez
Esteso Classical Guitar
Biography of a Composer-Guitarist: Fernando Sor
Biography of a Guitarist:Celedonio Romero and Sons
John Mavreas and Jean Curtis at Thorne Hall
archive.org61964/1-2Biography of a Luthier: Ramirez the Great
Jose Greco
Juan Serrano at LOS FLAMENCOS
Roberto Iglesias Spanish Ballet
Guitar Workshop - Repairing Minor Guitar Cracks
Music must be in your blood
Finale Record Releases
archive.org101964/9-10John Williams - Clasicos Revista
Issue 10 Cover
Issue 10 Table of contents
Fred C. Nance and the Guitar
The Segovia Class of '64
Portrait of A Guitarist by Irma Wassall
Christopher Parkening - Young Virtuoso
The Guitar in Spain
Jose Luis Gonzalez
The Guitar and Myself by Basil Gural
Susie Preudeville - New Protégé for Segovia
La Guitarra Clasico - Alrededor Del Mundo
Master Guitarists Concert Series - John Williams
Flamencos Revista - Luis Lopez Benitez
archive.org141965/5-6Guitarra Cover - Unknown Side of Sabicias
Guitarra Magazine Table of Contents
Julian Bream Photograph
Interview with Julian Bream
Julian Bream + Lute + Guitar = Fantasy
A Correction for and Apology to John Williams
An Afternoon with Presti & Lagoya
Berlin Correspondent for Guitarra Magazine
Honorable Mention from Guitarra Magazine
The Guitara Clasico Alrededor Del Mundo
Annual Master Guitarists Concert Series
Carlos Montoya, Guitarist - Photograph
Carlos Montoya
Carlos Montoya at Orchestra Hall
A Final Tribute to Antonio Del Lunar
The Unknown Side of Sabicias
The Guitar in the Arts
Mondo Cane - Juan Serrano
La Guitarra Flamenco - Alrededor Del Mundo
Guitars Classical and Flamenco Handmade in Spain
FINALE - Record Releases From Yepes, Sabicas
Guitarra Magazine Correspondents
archive.org151965/7-8Manuel Lopez Ramos at San Miguel
No Article Title
Ramos Guitar Classes and More - Guitarra Magazine
World's Greatest Guitarist, Andres Segovia
Manuel Lopez Ramos Master Classes
The Guitar in the Arts by Vidal Revuelta
Guitar Workshop by George Pauling
Andres Segovia Guitar Programs and Photographs
Masterpiece in Memphis - G. Ricardo Fusco Guitar
Guillermo Fierens at Wichita - Classical Guitar
Report on the Annual Music Convention in Chicago
La Guitarra Clasico Alrededor Del Mundo
Annual Master Guitarists Concert Series
Flamencos Revista - Maravilla Tames the Beatles
Montoya in a Tent - Guitar at Long Island Festival
Bravo - Notes from Mexico by J. Salazar Erbe
Carmen Amaya and Sabicas Pictures and Program
The Noise Makers - Flamenco Guitar Article
The Show Must Go On: Juan Serrano, Guitarist
La Guitarra Flamenco Alrededor Del Mundo
Guitars Classical and Flamenco Handmade in Spain
Flamenco and Classical Guitar Record Releases
Guitarra Magazine Correspondents
archive.org161965/9-10Guitarra Magazine Issue 16 Table of Contents
The Guitar, the Lute and I by Julian Bream
Susan Prendiville to Study Guitar in Spain
Photo of Francisco Tarrega - Clasicos Antiguo
Myself and the Guitar - James Crawford
Narcisco Yepes Guitar Concert in Chicago 1965
Annual Master Guitarists Concert Series
Flamencos Revista - Nite Time Flamenco - Montoya
The Guitar in the Arts, Part 2 by Vidal Revuelta
A Tribute to G. Ricardo Fusco by James Sherry
Guitar Workshop by Vicenzo Scaletti
Guierlmo Gonzales - Flamencos Antiguo
Flamenco Guitar Sheet Music - Zapateado by Tomas
Back to the Singing Cafes - Flamenco Dancing Spain
Australian Flamenquistas - Flamenco Guitarists
Carlos Montoya, Juan Serrano Concert 1966
Guitars Classical and Flamenco Handmade in Spain
Flamenco and Classical Guitar Record Releases
Guitarra Magazine Correspondents
archive.org171965/11-12Guitarra Magazine Issue 17 John Williams Photo
Guitarra Magazine Issue 17 Table of Contents
With Guitarist Juan Mercadal - Clasicos Revista -
The South Shall Rise Again - Guitar Students
Guitar Workshop - Lacote Guitar Miles Earnheart
John Williams Returns to Chicago November 1965
Enrique Granados Y Campina Guitarist 1867
Manuel Lopez Ramos by Jose Salazar Erbe
La Guitarra Clasico Alrededor Del Mundo, 17
Guitarra Magazine Presents John Williams Guitarist
Photograph of Charo and Xavier Cugat, Flamenco
Manitas de Plata to tour the world, Flamenco
Lydia Torea Spanish Flamenco Ballet
Flamenco Rhythms - Dances and Songs of Andalucian
Poetic Flamenco by Garcia Lorca - Photo
Vicente Escudero - Flamencos Antiguo - Photo
Guitar in the Arts Goya Painting of Guitar Player
Guitar Workshop - Sobrinos Domingo Esteso Guitar
Guitar in St. Petersburg Florida Michael Sullivan
Carlos Montoya, Maria Alba - Pepe Martinez
Guitars Classical and Flamenco made in Spain
Guitar Record Releases, December 1965
archive.org181966/1-2Andres Segovia Photo on Guitarra Magazine 18
Guitarra Magazine 18 Table of Contents 1966
Julian Bream Returns to Chicago - Photograph
Andres Segovia - Greatest of the Great
Alirio Diaz the Guitarist, by Herbert Mecking
Sadie Bishop Australia's Classical Guitarist
Narciso Yepes Spanish Guitarist at Orchestra Hall
Classical Music from Paris - Guitare et Musique
Menuet - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by F. Sor
Miami Beach Scene - Vladimir Bobri and H E Huttig
John Williams at the 11th St. Theatre - Music
Manuel de Falla - Biography and Photograph
Yasumasa Obara at Guitarra's Music Hall
Julian Bream, Guitarist, Returns to Chicago
Midwest and Worldwide Guitar Information, 1966
Annual Master Guitarists Concert Series 1966
The Incredible One Returns - Carlos Montoya
Unorthodox and Talented Mario Escudero
The Guitar in the Arts
Flamenco Music from Paris Jose Pena Transcription
Soleares y Zapateado de la Cana - Sheet Music
Manolo de Huelva - Flamenco Guitarist Photo
A Hurricane Called Maria - Maria Alba Dancer
Manitas de Plata Arrives - Flamenco Guitarist
Guitarra Flamenco Alrededor Del Mundo
Guitars Classical and Flamenco made in Spain
Guitar Record Releases, January 1966
Guitarra Magazine Correspondents Jan 1966
archive.org191966/3-4Presti and Lagoya Photo on Guitarra Magazine 19
Manuel Lopez Ramos Guitar Course 1966
Guitarra Magazine 19 Table of Contents 1966
With Andres Segovia; Interview with the Guitarist
Alirio Diaz at Orchestra Hall
From Italy with Music - Aldo Minella Guitarist
Master Segovia Weaves his Magic
Presti and Lagoya Perform for Guitarra Magazine
The Guitar in the Arts
Quiet Evening with Lute and Guitar - Julian Bream
Domingo Lopez Esteso - Luthier Biography
Juan Mercadal Performs at Florida State University
Concert Guitar Instruction for Serious Students
Ray de la Torre with the Fine Arts Quartet
Joaquin Turina y Perez - Guitarist and Musician
Bunyan Webb Visits Guitarra Magazine
Advertisements from 1966 Guitar Magazine
Laurindo Almeida makes his Chicago Concert Debut
Presti and Lagoya - Master Guitarists Concert
Sonate Two - Classical Guitar Sheet Music
The Romeros Texas Triumph - Celin, Pepe, and Angel
Mid America Guitar Society - 1966
Guitars Classical and Flamenco made in Spain
Guitar Record Releases, March 1966
Dedication by Andres Segovia for Guitarra Magazine
archive.org201966/5-6Segovia Master Class of 1966 - Cover Photo
Guitarra Magazine #20 Table of Contents
The Segovia Master Class of 1966 - Pictures
The Segovia Class of 1966 - Photographs of Segovia
More Pictures of Andres Segovia and Students
Segovia Master Class of 1966 - Student Roster
Segovia Question and Answer Forum for students
Segovia Banquet - Speech by Andres Segovia 1966
Segovia Master Class of 1966 on Audio Tape
The Guitar in the Arts - Vidal Benito Revuelta #20
Laurindo Almeida in Chicago's Orchestra Hall
With Andres Segovia - Interview, Chapter 2
The Romeros at Orchestra Hall - Celendonio Family
Guitar Sheet Music - Espagnoleta by Gaspar Sanz
Presti and Lagoya - A Symphony by Two
The Life of Miguel Soles Llobet, Guitar Soloist
Jesus Silva at Town Hall - Classic Guitar
Aldo Minella Concert Series in Charlotte NC
The Market Place - A Guitar Manual - Advertisement
Advertisement - Classic Guitar Center of Michigan
Advertisements from the 1960s - various
Guitars - Classical and Flamenco Handmade in Spain
Endorsements for Guitarra Magazine
Andres Segovia - Dedication for Guitarra Magazine
archive.org291967/11-12Photo of Narciso Yepes - 1966
Guitarra Magazine Issue 29 1966 Contents
With Andres Segovia - The Third Interview 1966
Photograph of Andres Segovia - Guitarra Magazine
Narcisco Yepes - Barcelona Concert Review 1966
Guitar Gallery - Matisse: Beneath the Surface
The Guitar in Industry - Family of the Guitar
Ignacio Vecchio - Professor of the Guitar
Francisco Tarrega, Guitarist - Clasicos Antiguo
Guitar Workshop - Repair of Cracks and Gouges
Marcello Barbero - Guitar Makers
Sheet Music - Green Sleeves - Hommage a Mme Desmar
Letters to the Editor - Segovia, Williams, & more
Jeffrey Van - Outstanding Guitarists from America
Guitar around the world - Guitarra Magazine 1966
Endorsements for Guitarra Magazine - Segovia
Andres Segovia - Dedication
301979/1-2, Ophee311979/3-4History of the Guitar
Niccolo Paganini - Possessed or Blessed
Awesome Cartoon of Niccolo Paganini
Paganini Sheet Music - Allegretto Scherzando
Andantino - Sheet Music by Niccolo Paganini
Minuetto - Sheet Music by Niccolo Paganini
Viewpoints - Narciso Yepes and Salvador Jimenez
Narciso Yepes Concert - Critics at Large
Augustine Guitars - Albert Augustine, Luthier
Bobri - drawing from Forty Illustrators and how
Vladimir Bobri - His Creative Processes
Guitar Music by Fernando Sor - Alice Artzt
The Guitar Around the World- Christopher Parkening, Ophee321979/5-6Andres Segovia in White House, Washington DC 1979
History - The Guitar in Spain - Cithara
Manuel de Falla - Musical Career
Guitar Technique - Music & Guitar by Douglas Neidt
Guitar in the Arts - Gregory D'Alessio
Hampton Guitar Edition Pavane Richard J Cobby
Viewpoints: Alice Artzt and Catherine Lawrence
Segovia Guitar Unlike Any Other - Music Critic
Christopher Parkening Guitar Enthralls Audience
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Musical Journey to Many Lands
Jose Lopez Ramos Guitar Master Class
Artist Directory - Sergio Abreu, Guitarist, Ophee331979/7-8The Guitar in Spain - Troubador Music
Guitar Technique-Left Hand Right Hand Coordination
An Afternoon with Two Great Spainards
Parkening Displays Mastery
La Guitarra Flamenca by Federico Garcia Lorca
Guitar Sheet Music - Siguiriyas by Jose Pena
Guitar Session at the Birch Creek Farm Performing
Luigi Boccherini in Spain
Manuel Barrueco and Chris Amelotte - Viewpoints
Guitar Academies - Baldwin-Wallace College Conserv
The Classical Guitar of Carlo Pezzimenti
The Guitar Artistry of Liona Boyd, Ophee341979/9-10History of the Guitar: The Guitar in Spain Part VI
Viewpoints: Manuel Lopez Ramos
Common Problems for Guitarists - Loris Chobanian
Parkening Master Class 1979 in San Diego
Aguado's Method for the Guitar - Review
Agustin Barrios Mangore Guitar Contest Festival
Guitar Technique III: Interval and Chord Balance
Guitarist George Sakellariou Guitar Recital
Exceptional Guitar Recital Given by Niedt
Novacek-Bissiri Duo - Stephen Novacek
Guitar Buzzing - The Causes and Cures
archive.org351979/11-12Society of American Musicians Guitar Competition
Guitar Technique IV: Interval and Chord Balance II
GFA Guitar Seminar - Milwaukee Classical Guitar
Milwaukee Classical Guitar Seminar 1979
Music Teaching Techniques of Jesus Silva
Common Problems - Musicianship through Phrasing
Michael Lorimer Master Class Workshop
Christopher Parkening Master Class
The Guitar in Spain: History - Vihuela
Sheet Music - Christmas Variations 15th Century
Barrueco Music Criticism
Ophee361980/1-2, Ophee371980/3-4Mysteries in the History of the Guitar
Liona Boyd and Guitarra by Catherine Lawrence
Interval and Chord Balance for Guitar - D. Neidt
Aim Directed Movement for Guitar by Neil Anderson
The Guitar in the Arts by Vidal Benito Revuelta
ASTA Guitar Symposium 1979 by Ron Franklin
A. Mudarra - Fantasia No. 10 - Record Review
• The Guitar in the Arts - Vidal Benito Revuelta ...translated by David Rohde
Segovia International Guitar Competition
• Leeds Castle, Kent, England
Guitar Forum
• Aural, Visual Muscular and Intellectual Impressions The Four Pillars of Secure Memorization ...Daniel A. Hazard
Courante ...Girolamo Frescobaldi
Technique: Chapter XII
• Performing with an Orchestra ...Douglas Niedt
Critics at Large
• Ghiglia: A Master of Taste ...Norman Ruiz
• Fisk Does It Again ...Norman Ruiz
• The Romero Quartet with Orchestra ...Guitarra Staff
Guitar in the Arts ...Antonio Petruccelli
In Search of the Perfect Guitar ...James Sherry
Calendar of Events
Record Reviews
Publication Reviews
Guitar Around the World
Ophee501982/5-6History - The Guitar in the Arts - Vidal Benito Revuelta ...translated by Norman Ruiz
Technique: Chapter XIII
• Sight Reading ...Douglas Niedt
The Rose and the Fire
• Boyd, Pennell and Lorca
Critics at Large
• Andres Segovia
• Juan Serrano
• Douglas Niedt
The Renaissance of Oscar Ghiglia
Flamenco - Le Flamenco - Alain Gobin ...translated by Alfred Valerio
Calendar of Events
Record Reviews
Publication Reviews
The Guitar Around the World
Ophee541983/1-2Face to Face With Liona Boyd Part II
Technique: Chapter XIV
• Stretching Exercises ...Douglas Niedt
The Composer and His Music ...Ernesto Cordero
A Conversation With Eduardo Fernandez
Critics at Large
• Christopher Parkening
• Michael Lorimer
• Eliot Fisk
Flamenco - Le Flamenco - Alain Gobin ...translated by Alfred Valerio
Calendar of Events
Record Reviews
Publication Reviews
The Guitar Around the World
Ophee551983/3-4Face to Face With Liona Boyd Part III
Technique: Chapter XIII - Mastering The Tremolo ...Douglas Niedt
Music Library
Guitar Forum ...Daniel A. Hazard
Critics at Large
• Andres Segovia
• Pepe Romero
• Evangelos & Liza
• Douglas Niedt
Flamenco - Le Flamenco
• Alain Gobin ...translated by Alfred Valerio
Calendar of Events
Records Reviews
Publication Reviews
The Guitar Around the World
archive.org591984/11-12Guitar Technique: Right Hand Fingering Part II
Fret Knots - Third Interval by David Harris
Oribe on Guitars: The Hidden Factor - Adhesives
Guitar Forum: Tri Tempi Practicing
Andres Segovia at 91 Gives Timeless Performance
Flamenco - The Polo Chapter III by Alain Gobin
Record Review: Satie by Giovanni de Chiaro
Robert Guthrie in Boston Conservatory
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